Alta-View Farms shows grand champion, wins premier banners


UNIONTOWN, Pa. – This time, the grand dame wasn’t about to let a young whippersnapper steal the show.

Alta-View Malachi Sammy, the first-placed aged cow, grabbed the grand champion banner at the Southwest Pa. Holstein Championship Show July 27 at the Fayette County Fairgrounds in Uniontown, Pa.

Alta-View Farms, the Ronald Ruffaner family of Worthington, Pa., showed the champion, which was also named the best bred and owned cow by judge Michael Heath.

The grand champion of the junior show, Locker-Lane Lin Georgia-ET, owned by Matt Mosholder of Somerset, stood as the reserve champion of the open show. She was the first-place junior 3-year-old.

Juliana Hillegass of Somerset showed the reserve champion of the junior show, DStoneridge Lee Holly, a senior 3-year-old.

Alta-View Farms and Paul Fox teamed up to show the junior champion, Mohrfield Leduc Moola; Alan and Alisa Fasnacht of Scenery Hill showed the reserve junior champion. From the junior show, junior champion honors went to Alec Hillegass; reserve junior honors went to Clinton Allen.

Alta-View Farms also earned the premier breeder and premier exhibitor banners for the show.

Class standings. Top two places in the individual classes went to the following exhibitors:

Spring calf: 1. (open and junior) Nicole Bussard; 2. (open and junior) Mary Kimmel; winter calf: 1. (open and junior) Clinton Allen; 2. (open and junior) Rip-Vale Farm;

Fall calf: 1. Alan and Alisa Fasnacht; 2. Carrie and Ashley Wack, Heidi Bennarding; 1. (junior) Megan Sharp; 2. (junior) Katie Bednarski;

Summer yearling: 1. (open and junior) Kaitlyn Claypoole; 2. Bednarski Farms; 2. (junior) Luther Hillegass; spring yearling: 1. Phil Beachy; 2. Allen Hill Dairy; 1. (junior) Matt Mosholder; 2. (junior) Jenna Fox;

Winter yearling: 1. Allen Hill Dairy; 2. (and first junior) Elaina Rader; 2. (junior) Luther Hillegass; fall yearling: 1. Alta-View Farms and Paul Fox; 2. (and first junior) Alec Hillegass; 2. (junior) Allan Lehman.

Dry cow, 4 and under: 1. Allen Hill Dairy; 2. (and first junior) Shannon McWilliams; dry cow, 5 and older: 1. Allen Hill Dairy; 2. Eric Hixson;

Junior 2-year-old: 1. Loren Bender; 2. Alta-View Farms; 1. (junior) Jeffrey Orr; 2. (junior) Jenna Fox; senior 2-year-old: 1. (open and junior) John Rader; 2. Mark Reum;

Junior 3-year-old: 1. (open and junior) Matt Mosholder; 2. Alta-View Farms; senior 3-year-old: 1. (open and junior) Juliana Hillegass; 2. Kevin and Karen Holtzinger; 2. (junior) Clinton Allen;

Four-year-old: 1. Alta-View Farms; 2. Smith-Oak Farm; 1. (junior) Jamie McQuaide; 5-year-old: 1. (open and junior) Matt Mosholder; 2. Bednarski Farms; 125,000-pound class: 1. Fava Farms; aged cow: 1 and 2. Alta-View Farms;

Senior best three females: 1. Alta-View Farms; 2. Allen-Hill Dairy; junior best three females: 1. Allen-Hill Dairy; 2. Hillmont; dam and daughter: 1. Fava Farms; 2. Allen-Hill Dairy; produce of dam: 1. Allen-Hill Dairy; 2. Alisa and Alan Fasnacht.


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