Angus association electronic earmark offers comprehensive genetic account


ST. JOSEPH, Mo. – The American Angus Association has added an electronic tagging element to AngusSource.

“As the industry moves toward identifying more cattle electronically, the new radio frequency identification (RFID) tag seemed to be the logical step in the AngusSource program,” said Jim Shirley, American Angus Association vice president of industry relations.

Visual and electronic. An official AngusSource visual ear tag, available from the association for $1 each, enrolls Angus-influenced cattle into the program.

An RFID matched pair with both the visual and electronic tags can be purchased for $3.25, with a minimum order of 25 tags.

According to Shirley, the AngusSource program offers commercial cattle producers a simple way to convey the source, process and genetic information about Angus-influenced cattle to potential buyers.

Features. The program has these features:

* Both feeder cattle and replacement females can be enrolled.

* Breed make-up of calves must be at least 50 percent Angus.

* Cattle are enrolled as a group with American Angus Association registration numbers of all sires and/or dams’ sires provided.

* Permanent, pre-printed tags show the U.S. state of group’s origin, site ID number, within-herd tag number (customized to cow-calf producer’s specifications), and unique 15-digit ID number.

* Tags are shipped directly to the producer, with a minimum order of 25 tags.

* Tagged cattle are eligible for online marketing listings, participation in special AngusSource program sales (where available), and other marketing opportunities.

* Prior to marketing, official documentation may be printed, listing the group’s source, genetics, and management information for potential buyers.

* Tags can serve as a medium for data transfer from feedyards or packing plants, but do not guarantee data feedback. Arrangements for data collection and feedback must be made between buyer and seller at marketing time.

Contact AngusSource. To order tags and enroll calves in the AngusSource program, go to or call the association’s commercial programs department at 816-383-5100.


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