Ashland County drive-it-yourself tour


ASHLAND, Ohio – Historically, agriculture has played a vital role in Ohio’s economy and what better way to continue the celebration of Ohio’s 200th birthday than to showcase the state’s and Ashland county’s largest single industry, agriculture, during the county’s annual drive-it-yourself tour.

This year, the tour is scheduled for Sept. 27 from 10 a.m. to dark and Sept. 28 from 12:30 p.m. to dark.

Stops. The first stop on the tour is Byer’s Woods located at County Road 1754, Ashland. This stop will feature wagon rids through the woods.

Stop 2 is the dairy farm owned and operated by the Harold Swain family at 1608 Township Road 655, Ashland. The Swains have 55 Jerseys plus replacement animals. Milk and cheese samples will be handed out at this farm.

Stop 3 is Riddle Ridge Farm located at 1209 Township Road 653, Ashland. This farm raises beef, sheep and goats. They also compost the manure from their livestock operation.

The Ashland Area Cattlemen’s Association will be selling ribeye sandwiches at this stop and Ashland Soil and Water Conservation District will have a display at this stop.

Township history. Stop 4 is the Clear Creek Township Historical Society Museum at 6 Chambers Street, Savannah.

This museum highlights the history of the Clear Creek township area and the people who settled in the area.

Stop 5 is Vale of Alford Buffalo Farm at 1360 Township Road 608, Nova. This farm has a herd of 400 buffalo. Buffalo meat sandwiches will be available for sale at this stop.

Stop 6 is Mountain Oaks Dairy Farm at 5683 Olivesburg Fitchville Road, Ashland. This farm has 135 Holsteins, plus replacement animals.

The Dairy Service Unit will have hand dipped ice cream for sale at this stop.

Orchard. Stop 7 is Mitchell’s Orchard and Farm Market at 1217 Township Road 1153 (North Baney Road) Ashland.

This stop features wagon ride to the orchard and cider samples.

Stop 8 is Honey Haven Farms at 1327 County Road 1475, Ashland. This stop includes a corn maze, and pumpkin patch. Pumpkins will be for sale at this stop.

Stop 9 is B & L Ranch at 1278 County Road 1475, Ashland. This farm raises Paint and Quarter horses, and they will offer riding demonstrations.

Stop 10 is Fitch Pharm Farm at 1591 Township Road 1353, Ashland. In addition to making and selling maple syrup, they also operate a store featuring maple products and other novelty items.

This stop will feature a demonstration on process of turning maple sap into maple syrup and making maple candy.

Stop 11 is the grain farm operated by Mark Smith at 974 County Road 1600, Ashland.

In addition to the opportunity to see a bicentennial barn up close, this stop will also feature displays by the Ohio Corn Growers and Ohio Soybean Association, but it will also feature a safety display and a food stop with hot dogs and drinks for sale.

Other points of interest. Other points of interest on the tour include a drive-by of a 20,000 bird laying house, 25,000 bird broiler house, 1,000 head hog finishing house and a hatching egg house with 11,500 hens and 500 roosters.

Historic points of interest include a log house, Spring Lake and the Lorain, Ashland and Southern Railroad Crossing.

Tour brochures (including maps) are available at all of the stops or at Ashland area businesses.

For additional information contact Jim Bernhard, chairman of the tour committee at 419-895-1014.


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