Bicentennial video tells story of barn painting project


COLUMBUS – Brush With History: Ohio’s Bicentennial Barns is a half-hour video, produced by the Ohio Bicentennial Commission. It tells the story of its popular five-year, 88-county barn-painting project and of artist Scott Hagan.

The 25-year-old Belmont County native was contracted in 1998 by the Bicentennial Commission to paint the celebration’s red, white and blue logo on the side of at least one barn in each Ohio county. Hagan completed the final barn in 2002, having traveled about 65,000 miles throughout the Buckeye State.

His tour received statewide and national media interest, and proved to be hugely popular with Ohioans, many of whom followed Hagan from county to county.

The video, directed by Brad Knull of Mills/James Productions of Columbus, captures this project, from the barn ‘groupies’ who still travel the state in search of the historic structures to the festive local ceremonies that marked the barn’s completion.

The video is available through the Statehouse Museum Gift Shop. For sales information call 1-888-OHIO-123.

Ohio turns 200 on March 1. Statehood Day weekend in Chillicothe, Ohio’s first capital, will kick off an eight-month celebration that will reach every corner of the state.

For events information call 1-888-OHIO-200 or visit


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