Boar and gilt sale set at Livestock Evaluation Center


PENNSYLVANIA FURNACE, Pa. — The Pennsylvania Livestock Evaluation Center will host a sale Aug. 17 at 6 p.m. of the top performing boars and gilts selected from an industry-improving growth trial.

Producers from Pennsylvania and Maryland consigned 30 boars and 20 gilts for the 36th annual Performance Tested Boar and Gilt sale at the center, in Pennsylvania Furnace, Pa.

Breeds consigned to the sale include: 30 boars consisting of 21 Yorkshires, six crossbreds, three Durocs and 20 gilts consisting of eight crossbreds, five Yorkshires, four Durocs and three Berkshires.

Test details

Hogs completed a performance test in which they were grown to 250 pounds. Upon finishing the test, boars and gilts were ultrasonically scanned for loin eye area and fat thickness and examined for breeding soundness.

Data on growth and feed efficiency and measurements for loin eye area and fat deposition are contained in the sale catalog, indicating the genetic potential of the hogs. Swine producers can use this data to make important breeding and sales decisions that will offer consumers more value and farmers more profit. All boars and gilts are considered herd improvers.


For a sale catalog or for information on the boar and gilt test, contact the Livestock Evaluation Center staff at 814-238-2527 or For more information on the center and other performance testing programs and sales, visit


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