Dairy employee short course on tap


WOOSTER, Ohio – A sign posted in one dairy’s employee break room reads “Our most important assets are our employees.” This sign is a reminder that people, not cows, are the most important asset on the farm.

With so many jobs to do on a daily basis, sometimes adequate training is not provided to the new employee. A Dairy Employee Short Course, like the one being offered by the OSU Extension on March 20-21 in Wooster, could be just what they need.

The first day of the short course covers the importance of the dairy industry to Ohio. Basic dairy management topics such as normal and abnormal cow behavior, heat detection, animal behavior and handling, farm safety, a farm tour and dinner are also included in Day One of this event.

On Day Two, the program covers milking management. Participants will learn the mammary gland anatomy and physiology, the functions of the milking equipment, NMC recommended milking procedures and mastitis control.

The registration fee for the course is $170 ($155 for Ohio Dairy Producer members), which includes study materials, refreshments, two lunches and dinner.

To register call 330-264-8722.


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