Daughter gives father special Valentine


AKRON – We have heard the saying, “it is better to give than to receive,” and Angela Navis is giving the ultimate gift on her Valentine’s Day birthday – the gift of life to her father.

This year she will be celebrating both events by donating her kidney to her father, Harry Navis. The kidney transplant is taking place at Summa Health System in Akron and scheduled for Feb. 14.

“Feb. 14, is already a special day for me and my family, but now giving my father back his quality of life on my birthday means everything in the world to me,” said Angela Navis on the upcoming kidney transplant.

All five of Harry Navis’ children and his wife were tested and Angela had the matching blood type.

“Words cannot express my gratitude to Angela,” said Navis, age 48.

Navis has suffered with diabetes for 35 years, which in large part damaged his kidneys.

“I was such an active man and not having functioning kidneys has really knocked the life out of me.”


Patty Fisher, R.N., a kidney transplant coordinator at Summa said, “A living donor’s blood type must first be compatible with the recipient. Once compatibility is determined, the number six chromosomal markers are identified. Angela and her father are a three antigen match, which is a very good match.”

Types of transplants.

There are three types of kidney transplants:

* Living-related transplant, blood relative donates a kidney

* Cadaver transplant, patient receives a kidney from someone who has died

* Living, non-related transplant, when someone who has an emotional bond with the recipient will donate.

After the four-hour surgery, Angela will be hospitalized for two to three days, while her father will be hospitalized for five to seven days.

For more information about kidney transplant, visit www.summahealth.org or www.kidney.org.


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