EarthKind roses easy to care for, high performance


OMAHA, Neb. — EarthKind Roses are low-input roses that combine outstanding performance and superior disease tolerance. Less water, fertilizer and pesticides are needed to grow these beautiful landscape roses.

To prepare the site for the roses: Till in three inches of compost. Plant the roses in a location that receives eight or more hours of direct sunlight each day and away from structures/plants that impede air flow. Maintain three inches of mulch over the planting bed and replenish it as it decomposes.

Roses should be watered one inch per week for the first growing season; one inch per month during the second growing season; and not watered at all from the third growing season on.


Ten rose varieties received the EarthKind designation in trials conducted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Master Gardeners and the Omaha Rose Society.

Barn Dance

36 inches by 60 inches; pink/orange flower color; fragrant; prolific blooms; recovers quickly from blackspot; blossoms resemble those of a hybrid tea rose.

Blushing Knock Out

34 inches by 54 inches; pale pink flower color; slightly fragrant; no blackspot; some winter dieback.

Carefree Beauty

54 inches by 80 inches; pink, double flower; fragrant; prolific large blooms; some winter dieback.

Earth Song

52 inches by 70 inches; pink, double flower; fragrant; prolific blooms; recovers quickly from blackspot.

Knock Out

34 inches by 47 inches; cherry red flower color; not fragrant; significant winter dieback but does recover; no blackspot; introduced in 2000.

New Dawn

95 inches by 110 inches; blush pink flower color; fragrant; vigorous climber; blooms spring and fall; introduced in 1930; very slight blackspot.

Pink Knock Out

32 inches by 60 inches; medium pink flower color; not fragrant; some winter dieback; no blackspot; very shiny leaves.

Princess Verona

64 inches by 74 inches; medium pink, double flower; fragrant; upright plant; prolific blooms; orange-red hips in fall.

Sea Foam

23 inches by 75 inches, creamy white flower color; not fragrant; a great groundcover rose; rose petals don’t self-clean; significant winter dieback but does recover.

The Fairy

26 inches by 60 inches, pink flower color, not fragrant; introduced in 1932; diminutive one inch flowers in large clusters; some winter dieback.


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