Factory funding — a humane operation?



Less than halfway through 2011 and already we see animal rights organizations proclaiming victory in our state. It is always amazing just what factory funding can do, how money can trump science and years of proven success.

For anyone not familiar with the term, it’s when you gather up huge sums of money to pay for things that are not needed. Here’s a good example, and best of all, it’s a fact.

Last year the Humane Society of U.S. spent $1,850,000 in a ballot campaign to stop dog breeders in Missouri. Interestingly enough, the pet shelters and local Humane Societies (not affiliated with HSUS) of Missouri didn’t receive a single penny from HSUS.

Shelters in the state struggle daily to keep afloat but listen to the AR’s and they will tell you it is because of the dog breeders. I spoke with several shelters right here in Ohio and every one of them told me they get more “mutts” than purebred dogs. Most pure breeds seen in the shelter are because the owners had an honest reason they had to give the animal up; it was not because of dog breeders.

Factory funding — public donations used to get unjust, unneeded legislation passed in states all across America. Think I’m kidding? Take a look at HSUS’ website. You can submit a letter to Gov. Kasich and not even be a registered voter of the state.

HSUS right now is pushing to have the ban on exotic animals reinstated by using this tactic. HSUS’ own CEO has written a book and is on tour to promote it. With all the money this organization “collects” from unknowing givers why are the proceeds not going to the very animals they claim to be helping? One hundred percent of the profits should be divided up and dispersed to each state’s shelters to help animals in need, not used to fund legislation, pay for out of state signature gatherers or push farmers out of business.

An excerpt from their by-laws: “All available funds of the Society shall be used for the immediate relief of suffering … ” HSUS wants everyone to play by the rules they set but they themselves sidestep the very rules of fairness.

When did they “open the door to productive conversation” with the exotic animal owners in Ohio? Answer: Never! According to Mr. Pacelle, exotic animal owners are “Not a legitimate group that we want their input.” Factory funding, pushing for unjust legislation, paying for signature gatherers that lie to voters, and less than 1 percent of their millions of dollars go to any shelters.

HSUS says it’s because “that’s not what we’re about.” No, they’re about factory funding, bottom line. How much “funding” will they give to make it illegal to own a non-native animal in Ohio versus how much they give to help any animal? Want to bet our shelters receive zero dollars? Guess they forgot that in order to be humane, you must first be human.

Keith Campbell

Frazeysburg, Ohio


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  1. Missouri in particular has a serious problem with puppy mills. Puppy mills breed the purebred animals you mention. They don’t breed “mutts.” While they do a lot of work and provide funds for spaying and neutering clinics, I can understand why they would devote most of their efforts to passing laws shutting down inhumane puppy mills. The fact is, there are cruel and inhumane puppy mill operations all over Missouri, where dogs are confined in small wire cages for years on end with no exercise or human attention, often exposed to extremes of heat and cold and female dogs put to death when they can no longer produce- that is no longer make money for the mills. Anyone who would attack the HSUS for doing this good work must have some skin (dollars) in the game. Shame on you!

  2. Patrick, you might want to look up the term “puppy mill” and then do a reasonable compare to a licensed breeder, licensed breeders are not puppy mills. They are regulated by USDA and inspected. The point I was making was that if you and/or HSUS are so concerned with Animal Welfare, why are the dollars not going towards helping the animals that need it, such as the shelters, instead of paying for unnecessary legislation to stop already regulated individuals/organizations. 1.8 Million went into billboards, commercials, foot soldiers and who knows what else yet not a single shelter in MO received a single penny. Not 1 animal in need of food, water, medical care received a penny to help but someone was paid to walk around and get another to sign a document.

    Those that do not abide by the current laws will not abide by new ones therefore only the law abiding people are affected. If you know or anyone else knows of unlicensed breeders and you are concerned, you should report it to the USDA. Even if Prop B had been implemented as voted those same unlicensed, unregulated breeders would continue while the licensed/regulated breeders that are responsible are forced to shut down or shell out thousands of dollars to upgrade to meet new requirements, taking money away from the animals.

    And no, I do not breed dogs, my dog is spayed. I fully support treating all animals humanely, that is why I am a member of the Ohio Association of Animal Owners. What I dislike is someone not even a resident of Ohio telling me what I can and can not own. $19 dollars a month doesn’t go to help animals, its cycled right back through the machine…factory funding.

  3. Having put 100,000 miles on my car in 2009 transporting dogs and puppies for rescue, I can assure you the problems in Ohio are very real. Sadly, it would appear the Amish are the purveyors of misery for puppy mills. I went to Sugarcreek after the dog auctions to pick up the leftovers going to rescues. One tea cup poodle had maggots coming from her rear end. Is this something Ohio should be proud of, I think not. I am now involved in getting signatures to put the issue of puppy mills on the ballot where folks may vote on it and decide for themselves if this is morally what the good Lord would want for the animals he created.

  4. Mary, did you report this alleged animal to USDA? Did you point it out so that IF this is indeed true the individual that allowed this animal to be in that shape be fully investigated?

    I would agree Butch, I find it hard to believe that the USDA inspectors that attended that auction would miss something like that. I think we should notify the USDA inspector of this alleged mistreatment and have her get in contact with Mary directly so that a proper investigation can be done. Mary please provide a way to contact you to the Editor and I’ll ask the USDA inspector reach out to the Editor as well so you can log a complaint, or you can simply call the Eastern Regional Office of USDA if you would prefer to do that. I have the number if you need it. Be sure to include photos, vet record of this incident so that a proper investigation can be done.

  5. My God Mary I Know the USDA Lady Call her tell her she can trace the owner She must be told so you don’t have to put millons of mile on your BMW to save the world


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