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CARROLLTON, Ohio — The Carroll County Beef Club met June 29 at the home of Johnna Mangun. Members discussed barns and mulch for the fair, the booth, and elected committees for barn and booth duty.

Members also put together care packages for overseas troops.

The club will meet again after the fair.

* * *

KILGORE, Ohio — The Kilgore Rangers met July 6 at the Davis home.

Members discussed livestock knowledge judging and 4-H camp. Julie Davis informed members about the make-up judging and important fair dates. Members also worked on the fair booth and trash barrel.

Demonstrations were given by Andrew Weals, how to show a pig; Austin Weary, how to get a fingerprint; Tyler Moore, how to keep your rabbit cool; and Stephanie Woods, how to show a goat.

Health and safety talks were given by Ashleigh Johnson, safety in the kitchen; Andrew Weals, how to care for a pig; Austin Weary, how to make a game; and Jacob Lovejoy, bowhunting safety.

For its August meeting, the club will play laser tag.

* * *

JEFFERSON, Ohio — The Hoppin Hoofers met June 27 at the Anderson’s house. Members talked about committees and saw a demonstration by Craig on how to milk goats.

Members also made plans to visit Waldemere Park July 9, and to meet for a regular meeting July 10.

* * *

PARIS, Ohio — The seventh meeting of Happy Farmerettes and Farmers 4-H club was held July 10 at the adviser’s home.
The 4-H judging at Stark County fairgrounds July 19 was discussed.

The barrel painting contest for the Stark County Fair was discussed. Jackie Gallo and Chad Thouvenin will co-chair the committee.
Members brought their project books to be checked by advisers.

Members giving demonstrations about their projects included: Rebecca Maurer, bicycle safety; Brittany Gibson, pygmy goat hoof trimming; and Serena Thomas, photography.

The next meeting will be Aug. 7 at 7 p.m. at the adviser’s home.

* * *

GARRETTSVILLE, Ohio — The Garrettsville Town Trotters 4-H club participated in the Garrettsville Summerfest parade June 28.

The club has elected new officers, including Olivia Paul, president; Stephanie Ord, vice president; Katelynn Kaiser, secretary; Matt Ord, treasurer; Olivia Doraski, news reporter; Ashley Kaiser, scrapbook keeper.

Members have been going to riding meetings with their horses at the Randolph Fairgrounds to prepare for upcoming horse shows and the fair that is held the third week in August.

* * *

CHESTERVILLE, Ohio — The Highland Achievers 4-H club met at the Chesterville United Methodist Church July 18.
J.J. Andrews, safety officer, gave a presentation on water safety.

Old business concerns were the benefit sale and petting zoo at the Alum Creek Friends Church in Marengo. This sale is being used to raise funds for a health trust fund for a recently hospitalized child at Children’s Hospital in Columbus.

The annual fair before the fair at Bennington Glen Nursing Home is set for Aug. 20 at 10 a.m.

The following members will represent Morrow County at this year’s Ohio State Fair: Andrews (Veterinarian I), Jordan Blanton (Time for Clothing and Scrapbooking), Brandon Mayer (Teen Boardmanship), Elizabeth-Anne Mayer (Genealogy), Nick Snyder (One on One), Valerie Tolle (Lounging Wear) and Brenna Wagoner (Tobacco and You).

The club was also selected to participate in the club category on Service Day, Aug. 3. Members receiving Outstanding on their projects were Andrews (Cats II), Blanton (Growing in Communities), Faith Manders (Let’s Explore the Outdoors I), Mayer (Set the Stage), Elizabeth-Anne Mayer (Mini Meal Magic) and Tolle (Money Management).

Demonstrations were given by Randy Norwich on how to bait a hook, Jacob Norwich on identification of non-poisonous and poisonous snakes and Tasia Elencovf on her pet rat.

The next meeting will be Aug. 1 at 7 p.m.

* * *

ELLSWORTH, Ohio — At the July meeting of Western Reserve Rangers 4-H club, members who were selected to represent Mahoning County at the Ohio State Fair were congratulated.

Participating in two projects will be Megan Day and Blake Algarin; and for one project will be Shannon Marshburn, Jacob Timmins, Delorean Jones, Amanda Moore, Cheyenne Rowbotham, Richie Hedrick, Krista Hornberger, Robert Voland, Max Timmins, Katherine Pitcairn, Presley Cummings and Ian Hames.

The following county award winners were also congratulated: three projects, Sarah Hernan; for two projects were Robert Voland and Ashley Algarin; and for one project were Alexx Hames, Katherine Pitcairn, Amanda Joerndt, Julia Miglets, Delorean Jones, Tiffany Voland, Kayla Vega, Hannah Shrader, Richie Hedrick, Erin Styka, Haylee Shasteen, and Nickolas Marinescu.

Outstanding county project awards were presented to Bailey Hornberger, Tiffany Voland and Jena Styka.

Representing Mahoning County at the Ohio State Fair in the public speaking competition will be Ashley Algarin, Blake Algarin, Katherine Pitcairn and Cheyenne Rowbotham. Cheyenne also represented Mahoning County in the North East Regional Health and Safety Speaking Contest in Wooster, Ohio.

State ambassadors-in-training Hannah Shrader and Blake Algarin shared details about the regional public speaking event they and Delorean Jones assisted with on the ATI Campus in Wooster, Ohio.

Hannah Shrader reported on the Canfield Fourth of July parade.

Amelia Shrader shared information about State 4-H Leadership Camp where she will be a counselor for the second year. Megan Day, who will be a counselor at Mahoning County’s 4-H Junior Camp later this month, encouraged the members to come and enjoy the “007 Spy Week” at camp.

Thirteen club members were selected to represent Mahoning County at the Ohio State Fair 4-H Style Revue: Shannon Marshburn, Gabriella Marinescu, Amelia Shrader, Emily Schors, Hannah Shrader, Krista Hornberger, Gina Roberts, Megan Day, Sara Cummings, Bailey Hornberger, Cheyenne Rowbotham, Kayla Vega and Delorean Jones.

Amanda Majirsky, Jena Styka and Delorean Jones were selected as first alternates.

Several members also received County Ribbon Awards: Natalie Ettinger, Amy Milo, Haylee Shasteen, Ashley Algarin (two awards), Elizabeth Marinescu, Kayla Vega, Shannon Marshburn and Krista Hornberger.

The Rangers will meet again Aug. 14. Each family is asked to bring a snack or dessert to share and the 4-H’ers will share their favorite 4-H project.

* * *

MEDINA, Ohio — Area teens will be honored at the first Medina County 4-H Outstanding High School Senior Recognition event July 29 at the Lorain-Medina Rural Electric Pavilion on the fairgrounds.

The 14 youths will be lauded for their excellence in 4-H project work, leadership and community service.

The outstanding seniors are: Jonathan Brietkrenz, Katelin Everhard, Beth Joseph, Caci-Lane Lewandowski, Heidi Santelmann, Adam Sniff, Jacob Sniff, Rachel Sniff, Kelsey Stoll, Kimberly Tekus, Jacob Tyree, Malory Vereb, Jessie Witschey and Michael Woolsteen.

The senior recognition event replaces the former Outstanding Court that awarded top 4-H’ers each year.

A 20-member Extension 4-H committee that helps guide the county’s programs declared a change after saluting court members for more than 25 years.

* * *

MARIETTA, Ohio — Washington County 4-H’ers are hosting Japanese youth this month through the Ohio 4-H/Labo International Exchange Program.

Three 4-H families are hosting youth from July 24 through Aug. 19.

The Labo Foundation is a Japanese organization devoted to teaching Japanese youth about the English language and American culture. Each summer, close to 600 Japanese boys and girls and their adult leaders travel to America for a one-month home stay. Ohio 4-H hosts a large portion of these visitors; this year, families around the state are hosting 80 Japanese youth and their five adult chaperones.

Other programs sponsored by Ohio 4-H and Labo include a year-long hosting opportunity for Ohio families and Japanese youth, and an outbound program which sends Ohio youth to Japan for one month.

Ohio 4-H also organizes other exchange opportunities with numerous areas of the world. If you are interested in more information about these programs, contact Mary Lynn Thalheimer at the state 4-H office, 614-292-6941.

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