Flying chickens in Geauga County: Sportsmanship doesn’t fly the coop


BURTON, Ohio – Although 12-year-old Aaron Rumburg lost the blue ribbon at a flying chicken contest, he ended up with the best award of all: recognition for his good sportsmanship.

During the 2001 Great Geauga County Fair Chicken Flying Contest, Aaron Rumburg watched as a competitor grabbed the wrong chicken during the final heat of the feather flying competition.

Rumburg, son of Ed and MaryBeth Rumburg from Chardon, Ohio, stepped back after the competitor realized his mistake and allowed him to put the correct chicken in the starting chute.

As a result, Rumburg lost the match but learned a valuable lesson in return.

Rumburg said it just wouldn’t have been fair winning under the circumstances.

Rumburg, a student at Notre Dame in Chardon, said he learned his sportsmanship ethics through playing baseball and soccer.

Earlier this year, Todd Swann, director of the county’s agricultural society, presented Rumburg with a trophy for his actions at the contest. Rumburg said he was surprised and excited for being recognized for his good sportsmanship.

Rumburg has been working with chickens in 4-H for two years.


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