Friendly Trapper puts advice on CD


SALEM, Ohio — The Friendly Trapper has compiled his best tips, tricks and time-honored advice on a 75-minute CD.

The CD has 49 tracks focusing on everything from spiders to skunks. The Friendly Trapper, Harold Bailey, said he created the CD based on the most popular topics from his radio show and local presentations.

“There are a lot of things on this CD that are going to help people,” Bailey said.

Made in Ohio

Bailey wrote the script for the CD himself and spent several hours in January creating the audio element at a studio in Warren, Ohio.

With more than 30 years of trapping experience, Bailey has compiled an impressive array of tips for getting unwanted critters out of chimneys, kitchens, garages, basements and attics.

Some secrets

On his new CD, Bailey shares secrets like how to get rid of red ants. He recommends sprinkling regular table salt anywhere you see ants in the house.

“They’ll be belly up in the morning, I guarantee it,” the Trapper says on the CD.

Bailey also offers advice on gardens and produce. For instance, if you have trouble with pepper bores ruining your pepper crop, wrap a half-inch strip of paper around each plant, Bailey advises.

“You’ll never get any cutworms,” he added.

Also, a little white lime around your garden plants helps control the general insect population.

Besides tips for your house and garden, Bailey offers some insight on home remedies for illness. One of his favorite ways to get rid of germs in the house is by leaving half a Bermuda onion on his counter for two days.

“All the bad germs in that house are going to go into that onion,” he said. “It’ll suck it right in there and you’ll never catch a cold.”

Popular topics

Some of the other topics on the CD include raccoons, snakes, bats, mice, roaches, mosquitos, pigeons, poison ivy and bee stings.

If you happen to have a problem that’s not addressed on this CD, Bailey’s live, call-in talk show is on WKBN radio (570AM) 8-9 a.m. every Saturday.

You can reach him at the radio station by calling 800-777-5700.

The CD is available now for $14. Checks should be made payable to Harold Bailey and sent to P.O. Box 423, Canfield, OH 44406.


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