Garst finds Cry9C protein in non-StarLink corn variety


SLATER, Iowa – Garst Seed Company announced Nov. 21 that limited quantities of a single, non-StarLink corn hybrid produced by Garst in 1998 appear to contain a small percentage of the Cry9C protein.

This is the same protein found in StarLink corn.

Garst discovered the presence of the Cry9C protein through its ongoing seed quality testing procedures in samples of Garst 8481IT hybrid.

Garst is working with customers and resellers who may have planted or resold this variety and are taking steps to notify them.

“Initial tests for the presence of Cry9C protein have been positive for limited quantities of this one hybrid, but we do not yet know how it got there,” said David Witherspoon, president of Garst Seed Company.

The company has also tested 1999 and 2000 crops of this hybrid, and to date no Cry9C protein has been discovered in those production crops.

The company is continuing the use of a toll-free telephone number for growers who may have questions and concerns: 800-831-6630, extension 5277.


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