Get the most from cows at workshops


WOOSTER, Ohio – Are your cows being all they can be? Another five pounds of milk may be lurking right around the corner.

Join specialists for an in-barn search for what cows are telling dairymen about their nutrition, health and comfort.

Topics. Specialists Bill Weiss, Tom Noyes and Dianne Shoemaker will spend time in each barn with participants evaluating feed storage, feeds mixed and fed, and feed consumed compared to formulated rations.

Other topics of interest include cow behavior, body condition, health, stall use, waterers, manure appearance and particle size, and animal and employee interaction.

The program is offered three dates and locations.

Wayne County. The first session is Nov. 18 from 1-3 p.m. at Ben-Ali Holsteins in Wayne County.

The farm, owned by Roy and Lisa Mangun, is located at 13693 Friendsville Road in Burbank.

For information on this session, call Tom Noyes at 330-264-8722 or e-mail

Richland County. The second session is Nov. 19 from 1-3 p.m. at Mountain Oaks Farm in Richland County.

The farm, owned by Dan, Katina, David and Diana Eichelberger, is located at 5683 Olivesburg Fitchville Road in Ashland.

For information on this session, call Duane Rader at 419-747-8755 or e-mail

Tuscarawas County. The third session is Nov. 20 from 1-3 p.m. at JIMITA Holsteins in Tuscarawas County.

The farm, owned by Jim and Rita Rowe, is located at 9877 Strasburg Bolivar Road near Strasburg.

For information on this session, call Chris Zoller at 330-339-2337 or e-mail

Limited. Because each workshop is hands-on, participation is limited to 25 people per location. Minimum class size is 15 people.

Registration, by Nov. 7, is $20 per person. After that, registration is $25 per person.

For more information, call the appropriate extension specialist listed above.


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