Grape and wine field day Aug. 19


KINGSVILLE, Ohio – Ohio Grape and Wine Field Day Aug. 19 will demonstrate current research taking place at Ohio State University’s Grape Research Branch in Kingsville, Ohio.

The field day, held every other year, will include tours of all the research vineyards and a look at equipment like plows and a recycling tunnel sprayer. Visitors will also hear from research center scientists.

Tour speakers. The tour will consist of several stops around the vineyard.

* Roger Williams, professor of entomology, will share information on the multi-colored Asian lady beetle. The beetle creates a fault in wine when crushed with the grapes.

* Dave Ferree, professor of horticulture and crop science, will share information on the spraying of soybean oil in spring to prevent bud burst and frost damage.

* Doug Doohan, assistant professor of horticulture and crop science, will speak about control and management of a new weed, groundsel.

After the tours of the vineyards will be wine tasting of new cultivars.

A featured appearance of the day will be Imed Dami, who will start work at the research center as state research and extension viticulturist in September.

Twilight tour. After the Grape and Wine Field Day will be the Grape Twilight Tour. Held annually, the tour will take place at South River Vineyard in Geneva from 6-8:30 p.m.

The vineyard is located at 6062 South River Road. The Twilight Tour requires an advanced registration fee of $15 per person. This fee includes dinner and wine tasting.

To register, call the Ashtabula County office of Ohio State University Extension at 440- 576-9008 or e-mail


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