If it says ‘Angus,’ is it really Angus?


WASHINGTON – The USDA has approved ViaGen’s DNA verified beef program, AnguSure, which uses genetic testing to verify the genetic heritage of animals sold as “Angus.”
The program is supplemental to existing requirements for all USDA-certified Angus programs.
AnguSure quantifies the amount of Angus genetics in any cattle DNA sample.
ViaGen sells the genetic tests directly to cattle producers to help them manage and market their animals to cattle buyers who pay premiums for animals meeting specific breed criteria.
Exclusive license. ViaGen has granted an exclusive retail license to market the “Independently Verified by AnguSure” testing program and the AnguSure emblem at retail to Premium Gold Angus Beef, which has been testing since early this year.
Premium Gold Angus products are available nationwide through approximately 2,500 retailers and the “Independently Verified by AnguSure” emblem will begin appearing on products in stores in January.
Breed variation. Last year, ViaGen performed genetic tests on beef from seven Angus retail brands and found variation in the breed composition in each.
More than half of the samples from one brand failed ViaGen’s AnguSure criteria, and the brand was discontinued by the grocery.
Producers who utilize the DNA tests can elect to have ViaGen inform Premium Gold Angus and several other branded programs of the breed composition and location of the tested animals.
The USDA Agricultural Marketing Service approves the certification requirements for all USDA certified Angus programs.
Independent. ViaGen’s genetic testing programs also provide age and source verification, as well as traceability.
Although ViaGen’s breed identification tests are based on animals registered by national breed associations, ViaGen is independent of the associations.


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