January precipitation: Lucky it didn’t come all at once


MILLPORT, Ohio – We’re lucky all of December, January and February’s precipitation didn’t come all at once, says Edwin R. Copeland, U.S. weather observer, reporting from his post in southern Columbiana County.
If all the rain and snow came at once, we’d average 60 inches of snow every year, Copeland says.
It rained 12 of the first 14 days of January. If that rain had been snow, we’d have piled up more than 50 inches.
There was precipitation 17 days in January. Winter set in Jan. 15, and we’ve seen a solid winter ever since.
Cold nights. The coldest morning of the month was Jan. 28, with minus 12 degrees. The high for the month was 69 degrees Jan. 13. There were three nights with below-zero temperatures.
The wettest January on record at the weather station was 1950, when there was 7.34 inches of precipitation.
Averages. The 112-year averages for January are: 27.6 degrees, 2.80 inches of rain and 8.3 inches of snow.
Averages for January 2005 are: 31 degrees, 7 inches of rain and 13 inches of snow.


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