June weather was good for hay crop


MILLPORT, Ohio – June was not a normal month, according to observations by Edwin R. Copeland, U.S. weather observer, reporting from his post in southern Columbiana County.

The post celebrated its 110th birthday July 1.

Dry spells. According to Copeland, it should have rained June 20-22, and it didn’t. Copeland’s reasoning for the rain is the sun starts back south those days and always causes rain.

The month had two dry spells of six and nine days without rain, which made for good hay-making weather.

Rain June 27 measured .71 inches, and since then, the corn crop has taken off, Copeland said.

Highs and lows. The high temperature for the month was 93 degrees recorded June 25, and several days had temperatures in the 90s. The low temperature was 48 degrees recorded June 17.

The 109-year averages for June are: 67 degrees, 3.74 inches of rain and 65 percent sunshine.

Averages for June 2002 are: 70.1 degrees, 3.62 inches of rain and 65 percent sunshine.

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