Keep eyes open when it comes to chronic wasting disease



Being a deer farmer in Pennsylvania and an avid hunter, I, too, am concerned about the spread of chronic waste disease.

Unfortunately, most of the articles that are printed on the topic seem to refer to certified farmers as the culprits in the spread of the disease, and in some cases even the cause of it. I would like to point out that this is not a one-dimensional problem, and other areas shouldn’t be overlooked.

With hunters spending billions of dollars in our nation, the government is willing to overlook the probable effects of letting them go virtually uncontrolled.

By being able to harvest and transport carcasses to virtually any location, along with disposing of the remains in a multitude of locations, the disease is bound to be spread.

The nation’s deer farmers are being driven out of business due to chronic waste disease. Instead of simply printing articles that point fingers at the deer farmers, why not publish some articles discussing where the disease originated and the way it was handled when discovered.

All the large game hunters and farmers could be affected if the disease spreads, even worse across the species barrier.

Terry A. Moore

Hookstown, Pa.


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