Kerry vs. Bush: How could he do any worse?



As our president tells of the good he has accomplished for the citizens in our nation on his campaign trail, I find it amusing.

I look at the energy prices, medicine costs, insurance prices, unemployment, the Bush war, and think ‘this man has got to be kidding.’

Our National Treasury is sucked dry and this clown tells us it’s good to out-source our jobs.

He ran for office as a passionate conservative. The only compassion he has shown is to the millionaires of our country, and large corporations that contribute to the Bush and Co. campaign.

Our gas prices will be lower in a bid to get these people back in office, but don’t be fooled by this. After the election, you better believe, they will rise again.

I admire John Kerry for even thinking of cleaning up this mess this administration has created.

If Bush wants us to go back to the moon why doesn’t he lead the way. He has destroyed enough here.

As some of these do-gooders run down Kerry, I ask them, how could anyone do any worse then George Bush has done at the nation’s highest office?

Here is one vote Bush will not get, no matter how much he waves the flag.

Lee Hall

Springboro, Pa.


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