Letter to the editor: Open letter to Senators Portman and Brown



I find it truly amazing that both of you have continued to let Government agencies discriminate and bully animal owners in Ohio.

When directly contacted you did nothing to help them out. You were put into office to be the voice of the people.

As farmers and animal owners of Ohio, we look to you for assistance, but you won’t even speak with us even when we request to through your website.

Just so the readers have an understanding of what I’m talking about, I have friends that raise and sell animals. Government employees of the USDA have discriminated and harassed them for nearly a year. They reached out to every level of USDA with no help.

Finally, they reached out to you Sen. Portman for help and all you did was place the very issue back into the hands of those who did the discrimination and bullying.

They reached out to Secretary Vilsack but all he did was hand it off to USDA Human Resources who did not even bother to contact them about the issue.

Because you, Sen. Brown, sit on the Agriculture Committee, they reached out to you next, and surprise, you did nothing.

As we approach election time, you would think that at least one of you, if not both, would jump on the chance to end government corruption and oversight. Instead you both turned a blind eye to the issue. Maybe what we as Ohioans need to do is flood your offices through election day with phone calls demanding an investigation into why USDA is allowed to discriminate and bully Ohio farmers and animal owners.

Maybe there are more farmers out there in the same situation and just need to know there are others before they speak out. So let’s do it Ohio farmers.

Let’s defend our rights and let the senators know we don’t stand for government discrimination and bullying. It is time that government agencies did their jobs and not overstep their authority given by law.

Michael Dustman for Portman can be reached at 800-205-6446. John Patterson for Brown can be reached at 888-896-6446.

If you’re not in Ohio and have been bullied or discriminated against by USDA, get in touch with your senators and demand an investigation be opened. Stand up America and push back.

Research Linda Faillace and what USDA bullying did to her and her animals, or Robert Lorsch and his helping the Wildlife WayStation.

I encourage any response from Portman or Brown, and I would be happy to get you in touch directly with my friends who have all their proof, but I know they already sent them to you via registered mail so you already have it. Maybe you should read it.

Milana Christian

Big Prairie, Ohio


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  1. I agree with you Milana. Government is getting way too big and too powerful. Agencies like USDA need to be reeled in. Internal policing does not work. Our elected officials need to step in and be the voice. I feel sorry for your friends and hope they come out on top. USDA is so infiltrated by the Animal Rights people it is unbelievable. Sarah Conant is the chief inspector and she was the top lawyer for HSUS before that. That in itself is a conflict of interest.


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