American taxpayers are subsidizing the rest of the world



These days, the subject one is most likely to hear on the evening news is the state of the economy.

The U.S.A. is a young country compared to England, France, Germany, Africa and several other countries. Why must we help all of these foreign countries that are much older than ours?

Also, given the economic problems that we are experiencing today, wouldn’t this be an excellent time to collect debts incurred during World Wars I and II? The only country that has paid its debt to America is Finland. England and France have never repaid their war debts and we are still paying France for the upkeep of our military cemeteries.

Russia obtained ships from our country on lend lease during World War II and then used these ships to transport war material to North Vietnam during the North Vietnam Conflict. Russia has never paid for these ships.

Why must the American taxpayer bailout not only the banks in our own country, but subsidize the rest of the world as well? Worse still, it just keeps going on. Where is the change?

Hazel M. White

Stockport, Ohio

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  1. amen. Charity begins at home. When will manufacturing jobs be encouraged in the US again as Obama promised during his election campaign? This is the real reason we are poor, jobs lost to other countries. BUY USA everything!

  2. You should see what we are paying for here in Iraq, it would make you cry. The Iraqis, contractors, everyone has their hand out. They steal, swindle, lie, and cheat, and the cash just keeps on flowing. We have reinforced a welfare state. The government and their troops are always begging but they pay NO taxes and expect everything from their government and us. It is a socialism we are headed toward.


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