HSUS controlling Ohio Livestock Standards Care Board?



Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of The United States, brags about how he controls the Ohio Livestock Standards Care Board. Is this true or is this more HSUS bull?

We all know they have trouble telling the truth. We all know they are good at making videos. We all know they think convicted dog fighters make great pet owners. We all know they want to stop animal ownership in the USA.

Pacelle said the agreement (back room deal) in August 2010 with ex-Gov. Strickland and the Ohio Farm Bureau Is how they controlled the board.

“Ohio moves to phase out cruel confinement of farm animals. As part of an agreement brokered between the HSUS, leading agricultural groups and former Gov. Ted Strickland, the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board approved new standards to phase out veal crates and gestation crates for breeding pigs and to prohibit new egg operations from confining laying hens in cages.” (www.humanesociety.org/about/overview/2011_accomplishments.html.)

Thanks to HSUS, we now know the truth that HSUS has true control over the OLCSB, they even say so on their own website (taken directly with no editing).

I don’t understand why Ohio farm leaders sit on their hands and let the HSUS control Ohio farmers. One would have to ask themselves, whose side are they on? If Ohio doesn’t stand as one we will stand empty handed when it comes to our animals.

This in not a broken record, we have to stand as one, fight for our farms, our animals, our incomes, or we will become one more state losing our family farms to HSUS. We need to stand up and fight. We need to make sure the direction Ohio ag leaders are taking is one that is for the U.S., not HSUS.

If Ohio falls to HSUS it will be a sad day in this great state. Ohio’s farms have a backbone, they need not sit on their hands and think the leaders of this state have their back. We have seen in the past not to trust them. This is our way of life; this is how we feed our families.

We must make them accountable for their actions. We have a voice, be heard. Call them and let them know how you feel. Don’t let this state become a victory for HSUS.

Butch Hash

Frazeysburg, Ohio


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    1. To send an E-Mail to your U.S. Representative, Log onto http://www.house.gov/writerep/
    2. Fill in your state and ZIP Code on the prompt that appears.
    3. Add your name, address and E-Mail address on E-Mail Form for your U.S. Representative; and on the Subject Line add: Request the Inspector General and the IRS Investigate the HSUS; and then add then add the message set out below.
    4. To send an E-Mail to your Two Senators, Log onto: http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm
    5. Click onto the E-Mail Address for each of your two U.S. Senators.
    6. Add your name, address and E-Mail address on E-Mail Form for your U.S. Representative; and on the Subject Line add: Request the Inspector General and the IRS Investigate the HSUS; and then add then add the message set out below.

    Suggested Text of E-Mail Message

    “The IRS has received 1,628 pages of documents that substantiate that the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) – – a Public Charity – – has engaged in excessive, prohibited, and under-reported lobbying activities, and may have under-reported its revenue by over $500 Million. For example, the HSUS President and CEO has stated that he has “helped to pass perhaps 1,000 laws.”
    In a Joint Letter dated April 18, 2011, which was addressed to the Inspector General of the Treasury Department, Six U.S. Representatives (Hartzler, Emerson, Luetkemeyer, Graves and Long from Missouri, and Young from Alaska) stated: “we write to request investigations by the Inspector General into HSUS’s apparent improper activities and its tax-exempt status.” They further stated: “If the HSUS is not complying with the law, it should be investigated and disciplined just like any other organization.”
    With a National Debt of over $61 Trillion, our Government needs to maintain the integrity of the U.S. Tax Code. As your constituent, I am requesting that you confirm that you have sent a similar letter on my behalf to the Inspector General of the Department of the Treasury.”
    Thank You.

  2. All vegans are part of a black-op secret society with one goal…To take over the worlds food supply and starve us all to death.
    Will you join me in contacting Mike Vilsack to warn him of this looming threat.?

  3. Judy save your stamp if you are mailing it to Mr. Sherod Brown He is a HSUS loving don’t need Farms in Ohio Senator He Need removed this fall Right along with HSUS’s Non Profit Tax exempt Make them pay taxes on their bank account Maybe Mr. Vick can send Mr. Pacelle more money from is dog fight winnings

  4. Rather than reacting with defensive and intransigent stances like the ones above, perhaps it would be smarter to recognize the usefulness of a productive relationship between HSUS and meat, dairy and egg producers, as is happening in Ohio and for which HSUS is justly proud. Disregard all talk about compassion if you must, and look at it this way: Consumers are your customers, and your customers are letting you know what they want. Witness the growing markets for Humane Certified and Organic standards, where animal welfare criteria must be met.

    • There is absolutely NO reason whatsoever to have ANY type of relationship with HSUS-NONE!!!! HSUS has the audacity to believe they have the right to strip ALL animal owners of their constitutional rights regarding animal ownership and force their twisted demonic beliefs into laws that oppress Americal citizens no less than Hitler did when he tragically was voted in years ago in Germany. Just as Hitler deceived Germans, HSUS is/has been deceiving US citizens. However, many of us can see this deception VERY CLEARLY and realize that HSUS is stratigically attempting to brainwash people into giving up their constitutional rights and allowing communistic regulations to be put in their place.

      First of all-farm animals ARE and HAVE BEEN raised humanely. There is such a slim profit margin in animal agriculture that ANY farmer who would raise animals inhumanely would fail VERY QUICKLY. ALL farmers are aware that consumers are their customers-and we KNOW what they want-the OVERWHELMING majority want nutritious CHEAP food-these are the “silent majority”-who are too busy making ends meet that they dont have time to comment or care about how animals are raised. The so-called Humane-Certified standards you mention impact only a VERY TINY part of the market and while some consumers may support these VOCALLY, the fact is that many, if not most of the time, they purchase the cheapest products available. By the way-the HSUS that you worship so DOES NOT ENDORSE ANY ANIMAL PRODUCTS AS HUMANELY CERTIFIED….NONE. And, lastly, consumers who do want so-called humanely raised animal products ALREADY have the right to VOLUNTARILY purchase these products from farmers who VOLUNTARILY decide to raise their animals as these consumers wish. There is NO reason whatsoever to force ANY regulations onto farmers aside from food safety concerns.

      As a dairy/beef farmer in Ohio who has NOT been bainwashed by the deceits and lies of HSUS, I FIRMLY stand AGAINST ANY and ALL relationships or discussions with HSUS. If you dont care that your rights are being stripped from you, that is your business…but it is OUR business when OUR rights are being threatened-and we WILL stand together and FIGHT this evil, vile monster called HSUS.

  5. We think you need to take a deep breath and try to regain control over yourself.

    Hitler slaughtered many millions of human beings, by the way.

    Anyone who drags Hitler into this discussion forfeits their right to be considered anything other that a deranged loon…
    Such egregious disrespect for his victims is unconscionable.
    You deserve no respect.

    • There is absolutely NO disrespect to ANY of Hitlers victims…Perhaps if you read better, you would see that my comment addressed the fact that Hitler was VOTED in power by lieing and deceiving people-the VERY SAME thing that HSUS is attempting to do in this country. Like Hitler, HSUS twists the truth and puts false “blame” and accusations on animal breeders and farmers-claiming that “their” way is “better”.

      Once Hitler came to power, he completely altered and changed his “plans”, abusing his power to the point of taking away basic rights to the citizens-something that-had the people known about-he would have NEVER been voted in. We who are not blinded by HSUS can CLEARLY see the hidden agenda of HSUS-and we stand together to stop their tyranny before our rights are taken from us.

      After Hitler came to power, his brainwashing techniques became unparalled. Youth were brainwashed to the point that they turned against their own parents. And, no surprise- HSUS is mirroring this evil. I have read their “youth manual” and it contains the same propaganda techniques as Hitler-Isolate kids, turn them against parents, pretend to “befriend” them, “award” them for converting others and performing propaganda “duties”, and so on.

      By the time Hitler started his “war machine” it was too late for the decent citizens of Germany. In this country, so far, it not too late for us to expose the PURE EVIL HSUS is. HSUS is planning their “war machine” on us breeders and farmers-THAT is about the only difference. We can see this plainly-and, unlike the German citizens, we will expose this evil before it gains power. History cannot be changed, but it can be learned from. There is no disrespect using past history to benefit present victims-which, in this case, would be us breeders and farmers-not to mention consumers world wide. The disrespectful thing presently is to aide and support this demonic enemy known as HSUS.

  6. Well Laura

    Maybe in Virginia people can pay $4.00 a dozen In Ohio the consumer can’t hardly make ends meet when gas goes up five cents So why don’t you tell the consumer how much food will go up when HSUS has shut down all the farms Ask the consumer how they will feed their family’s Ask the consumer on a Ohio Direction card how far will it go when eggs are $4.00 a dozen

    Tell the consumer how the back yard chicken farmer can’t raise to feed Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati When you shut the farmers down Explain how you cant produce all the eggs it takes to feed this state When the chickens are loose getting killed by the coon, skunks and hawks Tell the consumer why the chickens are laying in the fields dead because they can’t be treated

    Here in Ohio we don’t make the money you do Are money comes from hard work the Yours comes from people like Michael Vick His dogs blood that was lost do to fighting Now HSUS has made a god It show give you people the money you will say anything

    Tell the consumer watching TV at night The sad dogs and cat you show asking for $20.00 a month Tell the consumer were that money goes Tell the consumer to call the IRS ask them Were HSUS’s money goes Tell the consumer to call their local shelters how much money they got from HSUS Lets say in the last 10 years bet they didn’t get any

    Laura D
    I raise my eggs, beef, pork and milk You should let the consumer know when your done shutting down all the farms in Ohio that produce their food Your real goal no farm animals no dogs no cats not nothing just a bag of lettuce

    What will HSUS PETA and the other groups LOBBY FOR THEN SAVE THE GREEN’S?
    Baby carrots pulled from their mother before bonding?

  7. Now you are comparing ” us breeders and farmers-not to mention consumers” to Hitler’s victims?
    Proof that you have no conscience.

    We have often disagreed with farmers and ranchers on this page.
    But we do not believe that ANY of them, regardless of our strong disagreements, are lacking in conscience or would stoop so low.

    You sir are unworthy of any further response.

    • Yes, the TRUTH can be a bitter pill to swallow when you dont want to believe it or hear it…but rest assured, we can always attempt to belittle others when all else fails…

      • It does no good to argue with Laura. She says we need anger managment, when she is the one doing the antagonizing. The question is what will happen when all of us angry farmers decide that enough is enough and raise to support and feed ourselves only. The Lauras of this would will be left with only thier grass clippings to eat, assuming that they can, after all grass is a living thing and cutting it without its aproval may violate its rights, after all.

      • But Terry, PETA is the one who put up the billboard that American Chicken are the same as Hitler’s victims. Why do you see that it is okay for Animal Rights people to use Hitler as a comparison but not okay for Animal Welfare people not to? You often speak on behalf of Animal Rights but what about you “little black dogs” or are you not considered a puppy mill if you back HSUS.

  8. Pity FED-UP & PO’d’s animals. Such rage, such irrational, bizarre and misplaced anger! The animals are the victims. Bred, bought, sold, confined, trucked, slaughtered, butchered, eaten, excreted, with lots of things in between, such as being dehorned and castrated without analgesic or analgesia, etc., etc. Anybody can buy or sell livestock and do practically anything they want to and with them because the laws are weak if they exist at all. Animals need protection–protection from people who need anger-management treatment as well as those who have adopted unacceptable, indefensible practices and stubbornly refuse to change.

    Rather than vilifying HSUS and likeminded compassionate people, characterizing them as monsters when in fact the opposite is true–why not try to understand. Recognize that times are changing fast and we want things to change for animals before the whole jig is up. It is difficult to bring about systemic change, but be assured, it is happening.

    • how about ignorent people who have no idea what farming is and trying to the people that do it daily how it should be done. Maybe you should let us know what you do for a living so we can respond back to you with the same uneducated, unreasonable responces defending ideas that will only cause already strapped people that need your product to have to do with out because the cost will be outragous.

    • no question just wondering why someone that is obviously not a farmer has any reason to be comenting on a farm bb other than antagonizing people that do real work and discussing how to survive and you just talk about things you know nothing about as so many uneducated people do, so you need to go back to begging for donations elswhere, there are no converts here.

      • Possibly because this is a PUBLIC discussion forum.
        You might consider participating in private forums where you will not be threatened with opinions other than your own.

    • Terry the only thing that threatens me is the growing number of ignorant people in the US that spout their ingnorance out. Take you for example, you dont like how food is raised and processed quit eating it! Better yet spend a week working on a farm and find out that the majority of farmers do nothing but care for their livestock it would be foolish not to. But it is so much easier for you to just talk out of your a## than to make an efort to find the truth and educate yourself a bit instead of sitting on your high horse telling people what you imagine needs to be done.

    • Well opinions vary I think your way of thinking is what will lead to the downfall of our freedoms. I would guess that for you more government is best. lets let them control every aspect of our lives. You would make a great politition. Not caring about the everyday people and if they can afford to buy food after all your changes are inplemented. Because if they cant afford it maybe they will become vegans. Or who cares about the unempled workers, and their families as farmers start to close up shop, and what happens to all the livestock when we can no longer afford to care for them because our cost have have more than tripled due to this regulation and that regulation? I bet your families proud They can look at you and say that a girl way to stick it to our freedoms. Oh and this was in no way a rant just an observation

      • Adults don’t whine, and the eternal self-perceived victim is extremely unattractive.
        You sound like a six year old girl .
        We don’t argue with children.

    • There is a good answer, I bet that taxed your tiny self indulged brain to call me a little kid. God willing you will never reproduce and spread your ignorence on to another generation. Go get some D batteries and pretend that there is some meaningfull reason for existing. And if the batteries dont work try grilling a nice thick steak. Well Miss Ward you take care as I realy have more important things to do. I do owe you a thanks though since you have been posting on this artical,(seems that there were a few others that found you just as knoledgable as I did), we were able to aquire an addittional 263 signatures that will be on the way to Columbus in the morning, so thanks again for doing your part in helping us fight the upcoming regulations

      • ignorence?
        realy ?

        I sincerely hope you campaign for my candidate’s opposition in the next election.

  9. The stupid comments about Hitler, etc., will certainly be ignored. Although Stophsus’s comment has nothing to do with the issue at hand, at least it’s a real question.

    For sure, Wayne Pacelle’s decision to try to talk to Vick was controversial, even in the animal world. At first I thought it was crazy–who’d even want to talk to someone who would allow dogs–dogs!–to be savaged and horribly killed. Vick will have to live with this stain for the rest of his life, no matter how much richer he gets, no matter how talented an athlete he is. In this way, the issue of cruelty to animals is kept alive.

    Vick spent time in prison(I wish it had been longer; I wish his fine had been heftier), but to his credit, he seems sincere in regretting what he’s done. He grew up in crappy neighborhoods where animals were forced to fight. Just like child abuse, which often carries on from generation to generation, and somewhat like alcoholism, which also tends to be an inherited family trait, this is what Vick knew as he was growing up–NOT THAT THAT IS ANY EXCUSE, but that’s the way things tend to go in society.

    Vick hasn’t just done his time and now he’s forgotten about his heinous crimes. He and HSUS introduced legislation that cracks down especially hard on animal fights that are attended by children. This is a good thing. I never thought I’d be writing anything like this, but I believe that HSUS is trying to reach out to all who abuse animals rather than just vilify them. There is at least the possibility that someone’s conscience will be jump-started if decent people try to talk to them. There is absolutely no sense in remaining polarized; the animals are caught in the middle and will continue to suffer–and that’s what we want to stop.

  10. Excellent answer, Laura.
    But stophsus did not ask a legitimate question and is not interested in a reasonable answer.

  11. So Laura and Terry I would like to know how you go to sleep at night?? After cashing your pay checks from HSUS Knowing part of it comes from the blood of Michael Vicks’ Killed in the rings fighting What about the ones he hit in the head at home That didn’t fighting the way He wanted them to fight in the ring What about all the money that people gave To find homes for his dog’s That HSUS was going to find forever homes for How any of them dogs did HSUS put down. Before they stop taking money for old ladies? Money that helps make up your paycheck
    You both say you support HSUS. That would make one think you support dog fighting You both support a convicted dog fighter. Maybe you group only supports the one’s that support you group How much money does a convicted dog fighter have to give Before its ok to fight dogs in HSUS’s eyes

  12. Terry, I agree with you. I was new to this forum, but it is just a hate-fest. It is depressing and alarming to know that people like this control the lives and deaths of so many animals. I only hope that the small-minded, thick-headed people who are posting here, p-o’d and fed up as they are, are in the minority, and do not represent the majority of the nation’s farmers. Over and out.

    • Yes they do speek for the majority of us farmers n ranchers and we will fight HSUS with all we have, you can count on that. BTW,Vick did no time for what he did to those dogs he did time for illegal gaming.

  13. So Laura you don’t care were your paycheck comes from the blood of dogs my paycheck comes from caring for my animals the reward of seeing them feed a nation you don’t care you that your trying to take away my income I sure don’t care I tell every one how HSUS raises it money to pay people like you that say how much you care but you don’t care your pay comes from a dog fighter

  14. That’s okay Laura, feel free to leave the discussion anytime. This issue is regarding Ohio agriculture, not Virginia’s. And yes, I know you are the “Co-Director” of Ohioans for Humane Farms even though your not an Ohioan or a resident.

  15. I am not paid by any animal rights organization. I am not affiliated with any of them, although I am a vegan animal rights activist. See how wrong you are? See how you fixate on one thing and keep at it, even though you’re wrong, wrong, wrong? It’s easy for you to aim all your vitriol (look it up) at a.r. groups, but not so easy when you haven’t got a hate-target, is it. It’s a matter of educating the public–and they are getting smarter as they learn all about how this little piggy goes to market and what happens before and after that. You underestimate regular concerned citizens at your peril. Good.

  16. It’s. Your lie tell it as big as you want Your right I have Hate I don’t know how I will feed my kids when tell your lies and kill farming in this state

  17. People are wakeing up to what HSUS is realy all about and our own IRS is going ot investigate thier so called non profit group. The only one that gets no profit is the animals, All those donations HSUS gets to help the animals, goes to help destroy the animals and those who care for them.

  18. I can tell you if I walked into a barn were someone was beating a animal I would make sure that person knew what It felt like to beat more so than the animal he beat If I saw a person fighting dogs They would never fight them again I would never befriend nor take them in my arms I believe in a EYE FOR A EYE

  19. I would like to thank the Ohio Farm Bureau for having no spin They got us in this mess I would say HSUS gave them some money under the table In the back room deal

  20. Iam thinking bout moveing to Nebraska,atleast they have a gov. that stands up for the beef,dairy,pork and poultry producers, and people to back him that knows just how HSUS is working to destry us all!

  21. Nebraska’s Farm Bureau fights for the farmers and animal owners Unlike Ohio Farm Bureau I don’t understand Why the Ohio Farm Bureau Is the only Farm Bureau in the US That doesn’t fight for farmers and animal owners I think they maybe getting there pockests lined with HSUS money


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