LETTER: A simple plan to ‘Save Our Society’ includes flat tax



We don’t have an insufficient revenue problem in Washington, we have an overspending problem.

If government interference and over regulation would be reduced, jobs would be created, private industry would prosper and more than sufficient tax revenue would be generated. I propose:

1) Establish a flat tax rate equal for everyone;

2) Congress cannot spend more than it takes in, i.e. a balanced budget;

3) The federal deficit is to be reduced by a minimum of 10 percent each year and be at zero in 10 years;

4) The President, Congress and their aides will not be eligible for: a) a paycheck; b) a retirement package; c) re-election — if points 2 and 3 don’t happen and a tax hike is not permitted to accomplish this;

5) Congress could be eligible for bonus pay, within reason, if they accomplish this plan.

This will hopefully be an incentive to get both parties working together. This is a common sense plan to save our country and our future.

David K. Smith
Hanoverton, Ohio

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