Ohio should ban Rover, too


The ban on exotic animals in Ohio is for public safety. So let’s ban dogs. The Ohio Department of Health says there were 15,021 dog bites in 2009. Also ban Fluffy. Cats bit 3,339 times in 2009.

There were four exotic animals attacks in the last 14 years says the Humane Society of the United States.

I have raised exotics for more than 25 years. Never has any animal gotten out or hurt anyone. Well, let me rephrase that, I have had foxes get out with the help of animal rights people. But they knew where home was and who feeds them.

Funny thing is that animal rights groups say we are cruel to them, but they come right back home to my arms. The animal rights groups have a hard time telling the truth.

I just hope the new governor can see the job loss. Not only by the breeders, but the vets, feed mills, auction houses, fencing companies, ODNR and USDA.

Can the state afford more job loss just to make an out-of-state animal rights group happy?

The animal rights leader, Wayne Pacelle, stands tall with his 500,000 signatures gathered by lying to registered voters. They stood outside Wal-Mart, license bureaus and other businesses saying it was for a Puppy Mill Bill. I was told that at the Licking County License Bureau.

Even members of Ohio Farm Bureau heard some of the stories as they were asked to leave the fairgrounds in Dover, Ohio.

Maybe we should ask how many signatures are actually valid? With Ohio on such sound financial ground, I say let ODNR pay for the microchips. I know I am not paying for them. Better yet, let’s let Wayne pay for them. He can just put some more sad dog and cat ads on TV and get $20 a week to cover the cost.

I think, as Ohioans, we need to wake up and stand up for our rights.

Gov. Kasich said less government, more jobs keep small business. So let’s call Gov. Kasich and remind him farming is a business.

It doesn’t matter if it’s cows or bears — they are how we make a living.

I called ODNR offices in Ohio. Not one knows of any animal, wild or exotic, as a problem.

There are none running wild on High Street in Columbus or Superior Street in Cleveland. It’s just more bull from the animal rights groups to take away our rights.

When they are done with us, next are the cows, pigs, chickens and sheep.

For more information on the ban, check out http://www.oaao.us.

The way I see this ban — I will loose my income. My vet will loose income and my feed mill will also. ODNR will lose my money; I’ll no longer need a propagator license.

Let’s not forget USDA, but according to the animal rights groups, they don’t do their job anyway. Call the governor’s office to stop the ban.

Butch Hash
Frazeysburg, Ohio


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  1. I think that each state should realize this is a vegan animal rights social movement. They do not believe in slavery of animals which means those in human bond, or in zoos, or dog shows, rodeos, acquariums and could go on. When we think of how much money the animal rights agenda has stolen from the economy since Wayne of HSUS and Ingrid of PETA came on the scene, I would imagine that the national deficit pales in comparison as to the cost to the economy. Don’t forget, cashmere sweaters out, fur coats out, trapping, out, wool socks forget it, leather shoes, going, going gone. They also effect world trade through anti meat eating campaigns in other countries. Please let your representatives know how unhappy that they allow HSUS to come into a state and tell people they can not own animals. This is quite common in Europe but most are socialist countries and we do not need a police state motivated by a supposedly chairty organization as they have become more important the the USDA it appears. Remember Hitler and his animal rights laws of 1933 over religious slaughter, cost a lot of people to be sent to concentration camps – that did not end well for the people.

  2. Of course farmers that advocate inhumane practices think alligators are nifty pets. I wouldn’t expect anything less.

    • I am tired of people assuming that because I am a farmer I support inhumane animal practices. I am a big supporter of Animal Welfare. Notice I said animal Welfare not Animal Rights. When we raised hogs, we made sure they were fed, always had fresh water, and clean pens. I mourned if an animal died on our farm before it was time to harvest the animal. More importantly I searched to find out why and correct the problem. Now that we no longer have animals on our farm beyond our dogs, I miss doing chores. When we did chores we also looked over every animal on our farm. While we only had about 100-150 sow farrow to finish operation we took pride in raising quality animals to be harvested for lean pork. I learned about putting others before myself, empathy, as well as the value of hard work on our family farm. My family and I are not the only producers out there that eat the products we raise and take pride in producing a high quality product to feed this nation and the world.

      • Well said. Animals would not be productive without appropriate care that is based on hundreds of years of university research. One of the HSUS supporters asked me how do I know if my animals are in pain. Yet, they continue to protray that they know better how to care for livestock than the farmers with decades of experience and college degrees.

        Yes, I answered her question that we observe, listen, palpate, evaluate their behavior against what is their normal, etc…. Its sort of like health care when the patient can’t talk. We observe, listen, etc….

  3. Tell it true. HSUS WILL end up taking away all animal ag. Look at California! They claimed they only wanted larger cages for hens, NOT that they were insisting on cage-free, NOW the “required” as per their reccomendations are cage-free standards. Soon they’ll “reveal” that cage-free operations kill more chickens than the caged systems(oh gee, like the farmers told them!?) so they’ll REQUIRE only free range. Then eggs wille nd up $6-8 per dozen, so only wealthy people will be buying eggs, which will lead to more egg plants shutting down, so in the end, no one will eat eggs.
    It’s already happening. Why would ANYONE with half a brain to see what they do belive that HSUS won’t move from banning “exotics” to banning birds, to banning fish, to eventually banning dogs?

    What’s your answer to the FACT that only 4 exotics attacked anyone in the last YEARS, yet thousands of dog attacks occured? Why do you think HSUS’s “safety” laws won’t be used to take away the dogs next? Cats are a more invasive species AND have proven able to live in all regions of the United States, unlike 95% of the “exotic” pets.

    I hope you hug your dog today, before your buddy Wayne comes to kill it. After all, HSUS sent their latest batch of “rescued” dogs to the gas chambers.

    • Yes, Baker, you are absolutely correct… Wayne and his merry band of vegans WILL dismantle the multibillion$ multinational agriculture industry badda bing!
      They’re gonna pack up all the chicks and ducks a geese and and lizards and fish and poodles into a BIG truck and drive them all to Cuba.

      Ya think maybe Fidel Castro is behind this?

  4. Get bit by a feral cat. Then count the rabies shots. Dog bites, horse injuries even bee stings outnumber exotic attacks. And the ones to get attacked are the keepers. Occupational hazard, a little acceptance of what comes with the territory. Same as if your finger gets crushed in a machine at work.
    HSUS along with HSLF and all their other acronyms clearly state on their site they want to end reptiles as pets. Same for exotics. Anything from parakeets to pythons.
    So yes, Wayne is coming for pets. It says it right there on their damn website. Right under the “Micheal Vick would make a good dog owner” promo.

  5. No one is advocating inhumane practices – unless you’re vegan, considering all animal use “inhumane.” There’s enough facts and history to back what the anti-animal rights side keeps denying – and so many that don’t even deny it. Cry over dogs and cats, but not starving people? Pay attention to what nature teaches you – no species is stupid enough, no instinct to die, except some humans factions. Vegans don’t need to take others out with themselves.

    OMG WHAT??? Like PeTA freaks compare it to slavery and even the nazi killings? I think I remember an NYC billboard removed for the implication of pigs being Jews, slaughter, etc. What a disgusting use of DONATIONS to further a pseudo-cause. It is a damn religion – LIVE IT – as long as other humans don’t suffer for your beliefs. Pretty simple. Jewish or black isn’t any more righteous for your cause than any where else. People are people – your species. Take yourself out if you feel such hatred toward your own kind.

  6. Amy’s fractured logic,,,’If Peta is stupid than WE will be stupid too’!

    Amy says’ How can you cry over ‘dogs and cats’ when ‘people are starving’?”

    Yet ‘dogs&cats’ has NO LOGICAL CONNECTION with ‘starving people’

    Amy demands that we choose between two things which are UNRELATED to each other, and UNEQUAL to each other, and therefore no possible choice can be made.

    But we will play Amy’s goofy game!

    Amy, how can you cry over PETA&HSUS when unborn babies are being murdered?
    We will demand that Amy choose between vegans and unborn babies!

    Amy’s loopy attempts at argument make us laugh so hard we nearly spit up our bacon sandwich.

  7. Terry,
    As a member of the ag industry, I could write a really educated response, but it obviously doesn’t pay. And you back up everyone’s opinion of those in the AR movement as fanatical and irrational by your responses that hurt your position’s credibility time and again. Which I have NO PROBLEM WITH! May it be that from an educated, rational standpoint, you don’t have a leg to stand on….me thinks so.

  8. Terry, you need to look at yourself instead of verbally attacking a person you’re wanting to control what they do. Just because you are stupid, doesn’t mean we’re all stupid. Pointing out that many of you have no empathy and compassion for people isn’t loopy, or even an argument – it’s a fact.

    I’m not “demanding” anything – YOU and your ilk are. If people don’t bow down and kiss your rear, it obviously makes you a little testy eh? Forcing your opinions on other people’s lives like a religious zealot should be against the law. Control freak? Don’t you have children for that?

    • It is not a fact that we have no empathy or compassion just because we raise livestock or have pets. It is your opinion, so own it.

      People who raise livestock could not make any money and would not be in business if they did not meet the needs of the animals for food, water, shelter, appropriate environmental temperature, protection from predators including the larger ones of the same kind, etc…

  9. Yogurt Girl, I cannot blame you.
    But WE are just as ‘tired’ of farmers accusing us.
    If we say that farmer ‘A’ is irresponsible, we are accused of saying ALL farmers are irresponsible.
    There is no logic or reason in this.
    It is absurd…and insulting.
    YES, there is a band of proselytizing vegans who say all farmers are ‘bad’, and are very loud about it.
    But why must you assume that !% of the population speaks for the other 99%?
    If 1% of the population tells me that I am ugly, yes, it can be painful.
    But I do not assume that the other 99% thinks I am ugly.
    I know what i am, just as YOU know what you are.
    To be obsessed with what a TINY minority of the population thinks of you is the road to madness.
    When we say we want a more humane life for livestock, we are not saying farmers are all ‘bad’.
    We are saying we want a more humane life for livestock.
    There are farmers who have managed to make a better life for their animals.
    So it appears that it CAN be accomplished.
    But when you attack us personally instead of addressing our demands (and we ARE consumers by the way) all you accomplish is proving that you have NO intention of providing a better life for animals.

    • I am willing to dialogue with consumers about livestock practices and so are many others in the Agricultural Industry. I believe in educating the public and scientific research. I also know that this is mostly an emotional issue. Just look at the posts from this article. If instead of name calling people would be willing to sit down and talk (and I do mean on both sides) we might actually learn something. I will say that HSUS Wayne has said that he wants domesticated animals “one generation and gone”. Farmers get upset because HSUS is threatening their livelihood. Not only that but for many families in Agriculture is also our heritage. For at least 4 Generations my family has been involved in some aspect of agriculture. I love to learn about how things were once done and see how things have changed and how some things have stayed the same. Rarely do things in Agriculture change quickly. I know that before I implement any new practice, I research it. I talk to others who are doing it. I then sit down with my family and we evaluate our own operation. Then we determine if that practice or a variation of it fits in to our operation. Animal practices are not as Black and white as some people think. Just like in Education there is not a one size fits all solution. This is why dialogue is important.

      • I know many exotic owners willing to discuss what they do also. However, the attitude shown here from the very first post by Terry doesn’t indicate any desire to do anything but ridicule others, demean them and make false accusations. Not very conducive to any dialogue with positive results. Farming animals, whether livestock or exotics, isn’t much different. In fact, exotics have more oversight than traditional livestock and must be USDA licensed to breed/sell/broker/exhibit.

        The only reason we are having this issue is because it was a bargaining chip used by ex-gov. Strickland and Ohio Ag (OFB) to keep HSUS from submitting the ballot initiative. None of this is based on need or fact. It’s bullying done by a special interest – animal rights – group, nothing more. If the cause was so “true,” it could be accomplished by education – not strong-arming people into submission to their personal opinion. Or beating up on other posters for spelling and typos or acting like you’re superior to fulfill your narcissistic ego.

      • Terry says: “But when you attack us personally instead of addressing our demands (and we ARE consumers by the way) all you accomplish is proving that you have NO intention of providing a better life for animals.”

        Attacking is only allowed by you? Demands? Consumers have choices, exercise them. Your $$ should be your “demands,” not bullying or forcing legislation with an emotional twist. DEMAND may be the most telling word used – terrorists, kidnappers, etc. make demands. Consumers are free to make choices.

      • Yogurt Girl, If you can show me the actual CONTEXT of ‘Wayne has said that he wants domesticated animals “one generation and gone” and where it was said, I would be delighted to dialogue.
        I believe dialogue is the only solution.
        If you read my other posts it should be clear that I am not a ‘proselytizing vegan’,
        not do I believer all farmers are ‘bad’.

      • Yogurt Girl, If you can show me the actual CONTEXT of ‘Wayne has said that he wants domesticated animals “one generation and gone” and where it was said, I would be delighted to dialogue.
        I believe dialogue is the only solution.
        If you read my other posts it should be clear that I am not a ‘proselytizing vegan’,
        not do I believer all farmers are ‘bad’.
        (sorry for the double post)

      • @Terry:

        Quit bullying the people who disagree with you. Have an intelligent debate with them instead of insisting that people you disagree with need meds or are loonytoons, etc.

        As for the Wayne Pacelle quote regarding “one generation and out”, it’s this,

        “We have no ethical obligation to preserve the different breeds of livestock produced through selective breeding …One generation and out. We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding.”
        — Animal People News, May 1993

        He said it. He not only owns up to it – he is PROUD of it.

        So, let’s dialogue!

  10. Terry,
    I can assure you that since you are a supporter of Peta and HSUS, and Peta/HSUS are on the FBI Terrorists list, that if anything happens in your area concerning any terrorists activities, you will be investigated. Anyone who posts the supposedly “good”, or posts/write articles in favor of the animal rights movement has also been listed.
    I will not provide any link to such a fact, cause in your narrow mindedness, you will make the accusation of someone falsifying records, making assumptions, etc. Do your own search, find out the truth, then run and hide.

    • The ‘truth’ is, you are a delusional conspiracy theorist.
      One could only hope for a a Government ‘watchlist’ for loonytunes.

  11. I like the “terrist” (terrorist) comment and the murder of the english language. Very well put. I am a “terrist” (geeezzz) too!! I get sick of being called a Vegan Wacko. I believe it is called the AETA by some people, Animal Eco Terrorist something. Any way I hope my spelling is better than some.

  12. I would just like to thank the Ohio Farm bureau for taking the side of HSUS in this Back room deal I Dad would be sick if he knew what they did he was a member for most of his life and will never join The OHIO FARM BUREAU again for the sell out of Ohio Animal Owners

    • It appears there is only one frequenting the page and I don’t see any desire to discuss anything having to do with the letter. All I’ve seen are attempts at making fun of others so there must be a need for making herself feel superior.

      How about getting back to the topic at hand, with facts, and show why a ban is needed/not needed? I haven’t seen one thing listed as a reason to ban that can not be shot down with statistics and comparing to the risk of everyday life.

      • Okay, I will give that a shot.
        Not that it will mean squat.
        For the sake of argument, I will assume that the folks who raise exotics are responsible.
        I (and most others like me) have NO quarrel with anyone who breeds responsibly.
        The problem is not when the animals BEGIN, it is where they END UP.
        Mr Hash, for instance, although I think he rants and accuses to his detriment, has been raising these animal for many years, and is obviously highly experienced with them.
        Accidents possibly happen, but likely less so than in city Zoos and in wildlife refuges and on camping trips and on children’s petting farms.
        These things happen.
        But what occurs once these animals- many of which are dangerous or unpredictable or delicate or extremely difficult to maintain- END UP in the hands of knuckleheads who haven’t a CLUE how to handle them?
        Mr. Hash obviously has the experience to control them, but has little or no control where they end up.
        What happens once these animals are OUT of his control?
        What happens when some Hollywood wannabe decides that a tiger is a cool pet for the kiddies and the neighbor’s kiddies decide to stick their hand into the cage and feed it a couple of Twinkies?
        What happens when some thug gangsta’s python GETS REALLY BIG and he decides some night to dump it into the everglades?
        (I’m not even going into of how many of these animals end up with some sub-human’s canned hunt)
        For the most part, this issue has less to do with the welfare of animals and MUCH to do with the welfare of people.
        The general population has no more experience in handling these animals
        than I do flying a helicopter.
        And regardless of the moans and gnashing of teeth from the purveyors of exotics, they have NO control once the animal is out of their hands.
        Public safety is the issue, and there is no argument otherwise.

      • In response to Terry below: Good, much better than the bully on a playground mentality.

        If we’re assuming, go ahead and assume worse – very few are responsible – just for the sake of erring on the ‘safety issues’ you claim. Animal rights groups claim Ohio has some of the most lax laws concerning exotics, so let’s roll with that. Now, go to HSUS, Born Free and any other animal rights website and look at the number of incidents in Ohio. Remove any related to an AZA zoo, sanctuary or any entity excepted by the proposed ban. Where, in a state with claimed lax laws, do you see a need for a ban of any species? By this logic, we should have no animals in our lives, be afraid to leave the house and remove everything inside the house to eliminate any danger.

        Out of his CONTROL? Control seems to be the largest issue some people have, and not in regard to the animals. Personal responsibility and common sense go a long way in the real world. Demanding your government protect you from every perceived danger puts you in a VERY small box. If this ‘lack of control’ is such a risk – where are the numbers to support your claim, being as we haven’t had a ban in the past? Did Earnhardt’s family attempt to ban race car driving? Why do you think they didn’t?

        The Everglades fiasco/myth has been debunked. Ohio is also not even close to the Everglades. This information is readily found online. Go to the USARK website. Same for the “canned hunt” propaganda – canned hunts are already illegal. Go to the REXANO website for more information. They’ve asked repeatedly for anyone able to turn over the name of a place conducting “canned hunts.” No takers yet.

        Your claim of public safety being the only argument is invalid due to information and statistics easily found. If you don’t feel safe around exotics – don’t be around them, don’t buy one, don’t pet one, have nothing to do with any animal you feel is a danger. But do not place your fears and irrational reasoning on others in the form of a ban. If current laws were to blame, and a ban needed, the numbers PRE-ban would be extremely high. They are NOT. Critical thinking, rather than emotional propaganda, does work – even if the facts don’t support your claims. Ohio agriculture USED exotics to save their own, plain and simple. Not a public safety issue, not an animal welfare issue, and nothing more than an “in” for HSUS.

  13. everyone on here should go to hsus sucks.com on the left side of the home page click hsus criminals, and hsus articles[be sure to read articals] you’ll learn alot. everybody needs to read it!

  14. My ‘reasonable’ response to ‘Amy’ returned as I expected, illucid snark, and more anti-Hsus blather having nothing to do with my comment.

    Proving yet again that it is impossible to have a reasonable non-accusatory discussion with a rabid wacko mummified in their own personal agenda.

    So, I shall return to my original statement…

    Look out ‘Amy’!
    Wayne and the Vegans are coming to swipe all your animals and take them to Cuba.

    • My response was directed to your exact comments. The topic at hand IS the exotic ban. Your snark beats any other poster here and your delusional thought processes cannot grasp that little ditty. LOOK AT FACTS. Your agenda is showing quite plainly. LOOK AT FACTS. What I said is FACT, not snark, nor opinion. Too bad you are incapable of the same.

    • Intriguing you can’t have a discussion about the information, only spew vitriol aimed at anyone not to your ‘liking.’ Your opinion of me means nothing. Your inability to argue the points with facts means a lot.

      • ‘Amy’ represents a robotic covey of Humanewatch-trained parrots who haven’t expressed an original thought since Atilla the Hun and have never seen a fact they didn’t deny.
        They care as much about animals as we care about Osama Bin Laden.

      • Untrue, again, and nothing more than a personal attack since your ability to argue FACTS is nil, nothing, nada. It appears your posts are more reflective than about those you claim.


  16. Mr. Ward I do have control of were my animals go. I have refused to sell animal to people. I don’t think was able to care for them. I talk to every person that buys from me. I ask a lot of questions. Were its going to be housed How its going to be feed and what they plan to feed. Let them know the permits and licenses. They will need to get for the animal. Yes let them know the laws in Ohio and The rules of USDA. I have will buy back any of my animals. I sell except chickens, ducks geese and game bird. For them I give 48 hours to return. I sell to zoos; breeder’s petting zoos and people how understand how to care for the animal. In my years I have had three USDA inspectors two ODNR officers. They check all paper work on the animals. All the Checks by USDA and ODNR are unannounced. My animal sees the vet. She also can come anytime she sees fit. She works with the USDA inspector very close. I have read the lies about USDA not doing their jobs. Will the three I have had do a good job to protect the animals and the public safety. But back to your statement about were the animal go I know the people I sell to I would rather sell ten animals to one person, that ten animals to ten people. I let them know how we care for them and tell them if there is a problem call and if you can’t care for it we will take them back. I have taken back three from the hundreds I have sold. I can tell you were most are at today. You understand I am talking about mammals and large cage birds. I know you animal rights people will want to know were the chickens, ducks, and geese and game birds are. My guess is they maybe in soup or still laying eggs.

  17. So Farm and Dairy has published yet another letter from Butch Hash saying he will lose his animals over the exotic ban.

    Yet again I will point out that the ban affects only certain species, none of which Mr. Hash sells, according to his website. Mr. Hash sells birds and small mammals, which are entirely unaffected by the ban.

    No one is coming for his pets or his livelihood.

    • So please, AmyK, describe with references , how this will not affect owners of species included? The order is quite clear and even media has portrayed it incorrectky. Current businesses are already losing money; pet owners are looking for ways to pay for hardships induced by a potential ban. Please explain your position in factual terms as I’m a lowly owner looking at costs to keep what has been here long before any “deal.” How do you address that issue? Last name Kerwin?

    • AmyK should not waste time responding to ‘Amy’, who has no identity or verifiable
      occupation…Amy wishes only to stir the witches pot of boiling vitriol.

      • Since you’re stirring and spewing the vitriol, explain why this is any of your business? My identity or occupation? I think not.

    • AmyK Remember this

      First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

      Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.

      Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

      Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.

      Mr Ward may not be effected by the current situation, YET. If they get the exotic ban passed whats to stop them from saying, Wow that was easy. Maybe we can get pigs banned next.

      So wht if F&D publishes his letters. Write your own letter. Unless you come off sounding like a raving lunatic I’m quite sure thy will publish it also.

      @MR Ward. While I don’t agree with the ban, in your Letter you state

      “The Ohio Department of Health says there were 15,021 dog bites in 2009. Also ban Fluffy. Cats bit 3,339 times in 2009.

      The Ohio Department of Health says there were 15,021 dog bites in 2009. Also ban Fluffy. Cats bit 3,339 times in 2009.”

      The problem with those numbers is we can’t compare them since we don’t know the number of bites per a given number of animals.

      Example 1, Dogs:15,021 per 100,000 dogs would mean 15.021% of dogs bite.

      Since we don’t have a base line number that 15,021 means absolutely nothing for comparison.

  18. Snakelady
    Unless you include the COMPLETE CONTEXT of the comment, your argument has no merit.

    “The practice of quoting out of context is a LOGICAL FALLACY and a type of FALSE attribution in which a passage is removed from its surrounding matter in such a way as to DISTORT its intended meaning.
    It involves quoting an authority on the subject out of context, in order to MISREPRESENT that authority as supporting some position.

    • @Terry – if you want to refute it, why don’t YOU bring up the original context. Why? Because you can’t. You are referring to ‘lil Wayne’s refutation of the comment in 2007. Well, he claims his opinions on the matter have become more “nuanced”. And now he claims that he was discussing the extinction of a few “rare heritage breeds” as being ok. Well, the truth is NONE of it is ok. We have to save the heritage breeds too. Why? Because the current monocrop culture of modern farming may be vulnerable to disease and therefore extinction too -decimating animal agriculture – and we need the genetic variety of the heritage breeds for future breeding projects. (Of course, ‘lil Wayne knows all of this, and is totally ok with it – if all animal ag ended tomorrow due to a pandemic, he’d love it because it would work towards his, HSUS’ and PeTA’s goals of forcing people to become vegan.)

      But don’t be fooled. He meant that comment in regards to domestic pets like cats and dogs too. That’s exactly why he’s always in favor of mandatory spay and neuter laws. If all cats and dogs HAVE to be spayed or neutered, then it will literally be, “one generation and out” – ipso facto, no more breeding – no more generations! That’s irrefutable. And Wayne Pacelle would be totally ok with that. He has said on many occasions he feels no real connection to animals, like the connections that pet owners and pet lovers feel. He truly wouldn’t care if all animals in human hands, domestic pet, livestock, or captive bred exotic died tomorrow – EXCEPT….

      That then he’d have no way of making a living. THIS is why his opinions of the extinction of domestic pets and livestock has become more “nuanced”. Because it’s Joe Schmoe puppy and kitten owner, who loves their pet to pieces, and spoils them endlessly that sends ‘lil Wayne a check in the mail every time one of those sappy, sad commercials plays on tv. If Joe Schmoe learned the truth about HSUS – would he send that check? No.

      This is why ‘lil Wayne Pacelle is backtracking from his original statements, and what he meant by them – because now the truth is getting out, and he’s afraid it’s going to affect his bottom line.

      • Why you are all so terrified of Wayne Pacelle is beyond understanding.
        You are like children with monsters under the bad.
        He is not Tom Vilsack.
        He is not the Dept. of Agriculture.
        He does not control the US government.
        He represents a portion of the population.
        You vilify this portion of the population…consumers of your products…because you do not agree with them.
        Continue to vilify and deny these consumers and you will cause their numbers to grow ever larger as DOING SO convinces us you have much to hide.
        This is not an intelligent position in term of business.
        Regardless of the unbelievable amount of money you spend attempting to discredit animal rights/welfare, the public CONTINUES to distrust your motives in favor of the Humane Society with regard to animal welfare.
        The more you attempt to equate the Humane Society with a marginal entity like PETA, the more people will mistrust your motives.
        The more you foolishly rant about ‘terrorists’ the more people will see that you know nothing of the horror of REAL terrorists and cannot in any way be taken seriously.
        You circle your wagons and collaborate ONLY with each other and doing so blinds you from what is going on outside your insular camp.
        You may deny this but denying does not change it’s reality.
        The greatest tragedy here is that the good responsible farmer- who has so many other difficulties to deal with- is being injured by your thoughtless and self-serving behavior.

      • He doesn’t “represent” a whole lot of people – he sells lies and heart-tugging commercials. I don’t fear him, I despise him for his unethical methods. While they play on the “human society” name, our local humane societies go without funding – you know, the ones with HANDS ON care, feeding, poop scooping, find a home or euthanize because some big animal rights organization with Wayne’s face for decoration takes $$ people think is helping humane societies.

      • We assure you that weare not ‘ fooled’ Sl.

        If this sort of illucid foam-at-the-mouth disconnected thinking represents the agricultural community, we would suggest that a FAR more difficult road lies ahead and it will have nothing to do with the Hsus.

        You are quite wise to remain anonymous..

        Because the idea that anyone who would conduct themselves in such an irrational and unbalanced manner could in any way have ANYTHING to do with what I MUST feed my family every day of every year makes me literally sick to my stomach.

        You wonder why the average American consumer is ‘disconnected’ from agriculture?

        Take a look at yourself.

  19. AmyK Spoken like a true animal right person I do raise coyote link http://hillviewexotics.net/mammals.html So with this ban I will have a loss of income for years not just this year but Years So before you open your trap know we well will call you on the carpet and let people see how is telling the truth I didn’t want to put web site on because I am not running a ad I am looking out after my income To show I am telling the truth I have I would be writting lettes even if I didn’t have any animals on the ban

  20. First off, Farmer, the HSUS is not opposed to pets, in fact they allow employers to bring their dogs to work. Second, all exotic animals haven’t been banned, only those that are considered dangerous, which will have a minimal (if any) impact of jobs

    I guess if you don’t have facts to support your views, it’s easier to use lies to scare people

    • Jason, 12.5 Billion Dollars annual income to the state of Ohio is what former Gov. Strickland reported to the news media that exotic animal owners bring into this state. Do you have any idea of the business’ exotic animal owners support? Feed stores, pet stores, hardware, fencing, vets, lumber yards, and the list continues.

      Yes, many people will lose their jobs over this ban, income to the state will drop off, ODNR will lose income while also having to justify an increase in the number of hours each wildlife officer will have to work. Cost of training the officers in proper handling of these non-native species since they will be under state jurisdiction. Add to that the cost of micro-chipping the animals and vets to put the micro-chips in.

      The bill for the state will be huge while the income will drop off drastically.

      Open your wallet Jason, the ban you support will cost you in long run.

    • Are you the same Jason Smith that goaded Greggs into torturing cattle at Conklins Dairy?? The same Jason Smith that-in order to get incriminating film footage-actually tortured cattle himself so that he wouldnt look suspicious to goad the other employees to abuse cattle so that he could get his deceitful footage on film???

      If so-you have NO business making ANY statement about lieing and deceit. YOU are the master of manipulating people into doing things to support your belief…and-tragically-have gotten away with abusing animals just for your own twisted pleasure…YOU should of received just as much prison time as Greggs’ did.

      And YES-HSUS IS opposed to ANY animal ownership-INCLUDING pet ownership…they have realized that they NEED pet owners to be on their side to further their agenda-which starts with the abolishment of more “unpopular” animal owners-such as exotic owners and large farms and larger pet breeders…IF and when they accomplish that, they will move on to smaller farmers and smaller breeders…THEN they will “turn” on their “allies” that they had hoodwinked-pet owners. The recent revelations of their agenda has made them very sneaky and extremely deceptive-but in NO way, shape or form, has altered their ultimate goal of ALL animal ownership elimination, and forcing a vegan lifestyle on all of us. Yes-there are those of us that have not fallen for their brainwashing schemes and we can see quite clearly.

    • No Terry, you don’t have to listen to Glenn Beck, you need only open your eyes and read the truth. Thousands of newspapers across the country and around the world expose the deciet of HSUS almost daily but no one has brought that collection of information together until recently. Why do you think HSUS hates HumaneWatch so bad, because, they don’t make it up, they just bring it all into 1 location.

      Do a comparison of HSUS’s website’s links, where do they lead, right back to HSUS only stories written by HSUS staff. Where does HumaneWatch links lead you…right to the original source, 90% of which are everyday news articles.

      And consider this, if HW is so full of lies, why does HSUS not sue them, we all know they have the lawyers and money to do it, heck, they sue innocent animals owners all the time.

  21. I found a petition for the ban of exotics in my email, looking over the list of signatures and counting a portion of about 200 of them I got an average of 1 out of 20 was from Ohio and 17 out of 60 was from outside the US. Which gives us 57 out of 60 outside Ohio. Why are these people make the laws and bans for Ohio?

    If you have not heard this just happen in Cleveland

    Here is a small list of the animals that I found:
    Carnivorous mammals: coyote, timber and gray wolf, lions, tigers, bobcat, lynx, cougars, all species of bears
    All non-human primates
    Reptiles: alligators, crocodiles, caimans and gharials, Dangerous and/or poisonous snakes such as:, mole vipers, anaconda, Burmese python, reticulated python, amethystine python, scrub python, northern African python, southern African python, boomslang, twig snake, cobras, mambas, coral snakes, sea snakes, rattlesnakes, pit vipers, puff adders.

    Here is the address to the larger list http://ohiodnr.com/tabid/23167/default.aspx

    I have had my exotics used in modeling, promotional use and in schools. But now I guess I am now with out that income as I can no longer do that.

    (5) Such person may not allow members of the public any opportunity to come into physical contact with a restricted species;


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