LETTER: Coming election will determine fate of this country



The United States government borrows trillions of dollars from China, which will some day need to be paid back by our children or grandchildren, with interest. This largesse is then distributed to states, counties and other government entities.

I will concede that some of these monies support worthwhile projects; however, I am also sure there are pork, waste, fraud and political favors granted with these funds as well.

Further, as these federal funds are reduced, our local governments then threaten their citizens with reductions of police and fire forces and the elimination of school programs such as bussing, athletics and the arts.

Due to this, local citizens feel coerced to vote for tax increases to cover these basic city needs.

Neither George Washington nor Abraham Lincoln had the unanimous support of all the people, but these two leaders did many things to benefit our country. This November will undoubtedly be the most important election of our lifetime — deciding whether we will continue to be a strong, vibrant country or slip into the dismal abyss of European style socialism.

It will be interesting to see which political party jumps at the opportunity to reinstate the payroll tax cut.

Harry S. Mykrantz
Wooster, Ohio

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