Reader: Does Gov. Kasich get it?


Does Gov. Kasich get it? It’s a question many animal owners are asking themselves right now.

We’re not just talking exotics, we’re talking about dogs, cats, farm and all animal owners.

One thing we know for sure is that Nebraska’s governor gets it. In an article in the York News-Times, Gov. Heineman called out the Humane Society of the United States.

In December, Heineman said, “The Humane Society of the United States is anti-agriculture and they’re out to destroy animal agriculture — and if they want to come to Nebraska, we’re going to fight them and we’re going to beat them.”

I’m not ashamed to say that I voted for Kasich because I knew former Gov. Ted Strickland didn’t get it. All he understood is that he didn’t want to battle HSUS and re-election all in the same year. Well, Mr. Strickland, do you get it now that you’re out of office?

Animal owners have a mighty voice when it comes to protecting our animals. We treat them very humanely, and we know what we’re doing.

Now, animal owners are left with the hanging question of does Kasich get it? We hope so, although we’re not hearing much from his office.

I continually send valid information about animal rights organizations to his office and provide solid facts behind the “emergency” proclaimed by his predecessor, not fluff-filled numbers.

Now, HSUS has stated they will bring its 500,000 signatures if the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board doesn’t make Ohio’s rules meet the “gentleman’s agreement” made last year.

Well, I say bring on the signatures, let’s start validating them. Let’s see how many actually belong to living, breathing, voting Ohioans who weren’t lied to like the signers at the Tuscarawas County Fairgrounds were.

Kasich just made his State of the State address, and he said he wanted to grow agribusiness in Ohio.

I hope you get it, Gov. Kasich, because HSUS wants to plow agribusiness into the field and plant soybeans and corn on the remains.

The exotic industry hopes he gets it, as well as dog and cat owners.

Gov. Kasich also said it’s time to stop talking and start pushing back. I agree, let’s start pushing back; we can do just fine regulating ourselves. We don’t need their non-Ohioan opinion on matters they have no training or experience in.

Gov. Kasich, Ohio’s animal owners, farmers, hunters and trappers all want to know, do you get it?

Ohio’s animal owners get it, you need to stand up like Heineman did because Ohio’s animal owners don’t want what HSUS wants to give us.

Keith Campbell
Frazeysburg, Ohio

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  1. My wife and I are hobby breeders of whippet dogs. We’ve been in the anti-HSUS (anti-animal rights) fight defending the right to breed and own pets for almost ten years now. We’re extremely heartened to see how fast farmers caught on and started to fight back when HSUS began going after them!

    We depend on farmers for our food. We — and many others in the pet end of this fight — support you whenever we can. Please help us in turn by opposing anything that HSUS (or other AR organizations) push against the breeding, sale, and owning of pets. We can whip those jerks if we stick together!

    • HSUS should not be a threat to anyone who is responsible with their animals. In a perfect world, there would be limits on breeders and the animals would be bred correctly and healthy.

      Mr. Hutchens, I’m sure you’ve seen how “Puppy Mills” run their operation. It’s a mess! That is what HSUS is trying to end. Forgive me but I have never heard of a “Hobby Breeder”. But if you are treating your dogs humanely that includes not making a surplus. I have known people who raise show dogs and do, occasionally breed their dogs. But there “Hobby” is to show their dogs.

      Breeding as a hobby? I just don’t understand.

      • I HATE the term back yard breeder. There is something called a hobby breeder. Its the person that takes very well care of his animals and may produce a few liters a yr. BUT wait to the hsus thats a puppy mill.

  2. Make sure y’all got Homeland Security on speed-dial for when the terrorists come In to haul agriculture away.

  3. By your statement Terry Ward aka Little Black Dogs, are you admitting that your organization aka HSUS is an eco-terrorist organization as defined by AETA? My letter says nothing about that subject.

  4. You got us Butch!

    All us 60+ grey haired ladies are Terrists!!
    You better run!
    You might get whacked with a handbag!

  5. You are so far off the mark Terry. I am not Butch and you are the one that said anything about terrorists.

  6. Keith Butch whatever…Better watch out for us little old hsus lovin greyhaired animal rights radical old ladies..we got our umbrellas loaded and ready to fire..

    And just as soon as we Grey Panthers can pool all our social security checks we are renting a big ole truck to come and help Wayne haul your agriculture away.

  7. As a livestock owner here in Ohio, I have a no trespassing sign on my property so they better have permission to enter through my gates for thier own safety.I may not getem but the horse the bull or the billy goat might..LOL ON A MORE SERIOUS NOTE, I TO THINK THAT THE HSUS ARE NO MORE THEN HOME GROWN TERRORIST!!!!and PETA is right up there withem.

      • This little old grey haired terrist loves horses, but is VERY allergic.
        We promise to keep our pink Hsus
        octagenarian radical bus far away from your horses!

        Beware our handbags!!!!

    • Okie,
      HSUS and Peta are not the same! I am not authorized to speak on behalf of either, but will explain to you the difference I have seen..

      HSUS conducts their business by lobbying for better laws to govern businesses that profit from animals. They are not trying to stop your animal business, they are trying to make it humane.

      Peta protests very loudly. They want to eliminate any business that profits from animals.

      I hope you can see the difference.

      • omg i can’t belive you just said that. UMMM isn’t that what hw has been trying to say that the hsus does. yep you just in fact said that the hsus doesn’t use money it gets to go towards the animals but instead to lobby it.

      • Funny Teri, I may be a grandma but I clearly remember Waynce Pacelle signing the same paper Ted Strickland did to support legislation that would CLOSE DOWN dog breeders in Ohio and BAN certain animals.

        That’s not making it humane, that’s abolishment.

  8. Public threats Terry Ward? If anything happens to any of my animals I will be sure to contact the FBI since your IP Address is now recorded. Might want to familiarize yourself with the AETA, that would be the document your boss Wayne hates because it limits what you all can do Animal Owners.

  9. Beware our handbags!
    Beware little old grey haired ladies with big umbrellas!
    No one is safe from us 65+ old ladies! in sneakers!!!!
    Alert Homeland Security!!!!!

  10. I am a card carrying supporter of The HSUS and their ANIMAL WELFARE AGENDA. I eat meat that is humanely raised and humanely slaughtered ( I visit the organic farm regularly). Sure, I pay .25 a lb. more and its worth it. I PRAY you continue to believe that everyone supporting the HSUS is a tree hugging, radical vegan. Maybe my generation will not change the world, but the kids of today see right thru you and your world.

  11. HSUS does not have an Animal Welfare Agenda, they perscribe to the Animal Rights Agenda as stated on their website, by-laws and actions. What you choose to eat and organizations you belong to is your business and your right, just as it is my right to own animals and be a supporting member of the organizations I am aligned with.

    Laws, rules and regulations that are changed/modified to meet HSUS, PETA, MFA, OHF, etc., etc., etc. ideals are the same stepping stones admited by PETA’s VP of Policy as the stepping stones to Animal Liberation, the number 1 item on the Animal Rights Agenda. You can put a bow on a pile of dog waste but it is still a pile of waste, only with a pretty bow.

    • I think animals used for food should be raised in a healthy environment, otherwise people will get sick from eating them..
      REMEMBER MAD COW DISEASE? Caused CDJ in people who ate the meat of sick cows. CDJ mimics Alzheimer’s so closely that it can’t be diagnosed until an autopsy is done on the deceased.

      It’s all about greed. People see animals as a way to make money and start cutting corners to increase the net profit. Really, do you think a sick animal should be eaten? HSUS has an anti-cruelty agenda, but it’s by-product is a healthier food source. How can anyone argue with that?

      • Teri-your statement about “mad cow disease” IS A COMPLETE LIE-repeat-COMPLETE LIE!!! It has NEVER been proven that BSE (your “mad cow disease”) causes ANY sickness in humans-NEVER!!! It was ONLY a THEORY by a very FEW pathologists. And, by the way, ALL unbiased studies in veal calves show that individual tied calves are hands-down cleaner than group raised calves-and it has been PROVEN that cleaner veal calves are MUCH LESS LIKELY to contaminate the carcass meat-all this PROVING that it is HEALTHIER to consume veal raised how veal producers traditionally have-individually raised. You obviously know little about animal production-modern farm methods ARE the healthiest for animals… And your statement about HSUS is ludicrous…their ultimate goal is complete abolishment of ALL animal ownership and use-and before you argue about that, MANY in the HSUS have already made that clear-go read for yourself.

  12. Please provide me with the pages or links to the HSUS website that support you allegations that they are an AR organization hell benmt on denying us the right to have pets, wear wool, and eat meat.

    • If Mr.Gilbert is not averse to little old ladies perhaps he may join us on our pink Hsus radical terrist bus.
      We will roam the countryside and smite the air with our mighty Hsus handbags!!!

  13. i love it how those of us who understand how the HSUS works, and even mr ward from stop humane watch, oh yes i know who you are. can be such a pain in the ass, but us who actually care about who comes into ohio (like the hsus, etc) know that there main thing is to ruin us little farmers.

    • Daphne,
      You are very wrong, Humane Watch is simply trying to undermine everything HSUS is doing. Why? Because Humane Watch is trying to keep the meat industry from being regulated. I will try to get a link for you to tell you about Humane Watch.
      Honestly, why are so many people against the Humane treatment and health of their food? I support the HSUS because I believe what they do is necessary. Yes they lobby for regulations nationally. Someone has to.
      As far as funding local pet shelters, that is done by the community they reside in. People in the community buy a pet and change their mind, they dump it at the shelter. Shelter staff consists of mostly volunteers. This is not a secret! HSUS does not attempt to trick anyone ( Humane Watch is trying to convince people they are).
      Y’all farmers know that the USDA and Dept of Ag doesn’t pay any attention to what you do. You can eat meat because you know which one of your animals is healthy. You know there are some of you with sick animals that you would not eat.

  14. OK, folks, this is the editor talking. Please remember to remain civil, constructive and on-topic in your conversations. I’ve removed several comments on this thread and will close comments completely if you all can’t “play nice.” Please use our comments for constructive dialogue and not trivial statements that have nothing to do with the article or letter at hand. Thanks for your cooperation and continued engagement on our page.

  15. Gee, I am still waiting for Kevin to factually qualify his allegations that the HSUS website expounds AR doctrine…

  16. anyone that supports an astro turf “grass roots” fake organization like humanewatch should really understand the vitriolic rhetoric that comes from that group is about one thing, MONEY! of course hw does not want any rules, that would mean a world were animals where treated with respect for all we take from them, their lives. the humanewatch credo is “watch how humane we watch as we do nothing”. HSUS, who has been involved for over 50 years with changing the way we treat our animals, much longer that rick berman and david martosko, WHO WILL BE GONE WHEN THE MONEY IS GONE!

    • ummm ok, then pray tell me why does the HSUS ONLY give 1% of its money to the animals. I see shw and the hsus complaining because of a few new laws that state you can’t secretly take pics of our farms. THANK god. I have nothing to hide at mine, but just try to come onto my farm and take pics or look around with me there. Just try it. we are all for humanley raised animals, BUT NO ONE should tell us taht we can’t raise veal calves, steers, milk dairy, raise hogs, etc.
      I can see someone coming to my farm and taking pics of my horses in their stalls and complain becuase of a pile of poop in the corner.
      We DO NOT want NOR NEED the hsus or anyone else in ohio telling us how we can or can not use our aniamls.

    • Exactly..Time and time again, the anti-HSUS people cannot provide any factual basis for their allegations . I know plenty of dairy-beef-pig farmers ( both traditional and organic) who are able to make money and treat their animals humanely often exceeding what the HSUS is trying to legislate . These successful people are good farmers and good business people. The bad farmers need to blame someone and/or some organization for their shortcomings..

  17. Prove there is no Animal Rights Agenda and that HSUS does not prescribe to it. PETA openly admits to it.

  18. Nice day here in ohio fire up the grill for nice veal burger don’t forget the cheese eat healthy use only whole wheat buns

    • yumm… hubby can eat the veal, i don’t, but a nice big juicy steak sounds so tasty, or wait i have a half hog in the freezer, or maybe goat got that too.

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