Reader: Taxation system needs change



In regard to previous protest letters that I have written in the past concerning the outrageous, unfair and discriminatory taxation system in this country, I must once again put pen to paper to protest for those less fortunate.

Why in the world do our various government agencies tax social security benefits, unemployment benefits and the meager earnings of waitresses, waiters and bartenders?

In particular, the monetary mistreatment of waitresses, waiters and bartenders literally forces them to work in conditions very similar to slave labor.

Nearly every dollar that a waitress, waiter or bartender receives in tips, whether it be cash or credit, has been previously taxed.

This is just another classic example of the double taxation standards in the tax code. Disparity runs so rampant in this country, it has created and atmosphere of class warfare.

These hard-working, skilled, grossly underpaid workers are the catalyst and the foundation for the good times and the nights out for millions of people nationwide. They are what make leisure times fun times.

Waitresses, waiters and bartenders deserve much better treatment than they presently receive.

In closing, there is more than one bottom line:

• In a society where multi-millionaires pay little or no taxes, all gratuities and tips earned through hard work and sacrifice (waitresses, waiters, bartenders and others) should be declared 100 percent tax free from federal, state and local governments.

• If people can afford to go out for drinks, dinner and entertainment, they can surely afford to leave a decent tip and or gratuity for those who serve them.

• We have a tax code in this country that is outrageous, out-of-control and blatantly unfair.

It needs to be reformed and/or terminated. Taxing unemployment benefits, social security benefits and tip/gratuities is completely unconscionable.

The time for change and/or reform is now.

Chet Hejduk

Waterford, Ohio

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