Thank you for passing Issue 2



A big “thank you” for the support and endorsement of passing State Issue 2.

This issue was supported by small farmers, large farmers and non-farmers, organic, non-organic, grain, livestock, fruit and vegetable farmers, plus the nursery and landscaping industry, independents, democrats, republicans, and tea parties — across the board, we had support.

With the majority of Ohio citizens being three generations removed from agriculture, there was a great amount of educating required to make the voters aware of the details and to understand the issue — many of you helped with this, and your efforts paid off.

This is just the beginning of Ohio’s battle with “out of state activists” and we must continue to work together to prove to the citizens of Ohio, the passing of State Issue 2 will be a benefit to all of Ohio.

Ohioans should not be regulated by out of state interests — we will have our own Ohio Livestock Standards Board. State Issue 2 passed with 64-36 percent of Ohio votes.

A message from Bob Stallman, president of the American Farm Bureau said, “Ohio voters made a solid statement and acknowledged the role farmers play in caring for farm animals and providing a safe and quality food supply in the Buckeye State. Clearly, Ohio is blazing a new trail for other states to follow on the issue of livestock care and well-being. It is clear voters in the state know farmers share their values regarding the care of animals.”

We will need your continued help and support to continue with our mission of helping the agriculture industry survive in Ohio.

Pearle Burlingame

Canfield, Ohio

(The author is organization director of the Mahoning County Farm Bureau.)

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  1. Pearl, if you really feel this issue is protecting family farmers, you are truly nieve! It is protecting and promoting industrial farms which put the small and medium sized farmers out of business. Do some reading on this issue Pearl it may just wake you up!

  2. Mary, do not be surprised that many farmers refer to themselves as family farmers that you blindly refer to as industrial farmers. Let me assume that the reading you recommend is from an unbiased source that will enlighten all the ignorant people in Ohio that voted for the propostion! Why do you think that the HSUS knows better what is best for Ohio farmers than the people of Ohio?


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