Mahoning County Farm Bureau volunteer leaders receive all 10 stars


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The Mahoning County Farm Bureau received all 10 Star awards from the state when the group met Oct. 3 for its annual meeting.

Nearly 200 Farm Bureau members and political candidates attended the event at the Italian American Veterans Center in Youngstown.

Receiving Star awards for program work were Tim Hum, chair of the advisory councils and young farmers committees; Marjorie Yerman, agricultural ecology; Duane Moff, government affairs; Sharen O’Brock, information;

Ralph Wince, marketing, farm income and risk management; Mary Kay Shotts, membership; James Olds Jr., policy development; Kim Moff, promotion and education; Cindy Kingston, safety; and Jenifer Weaver, youth.

“Our county has always been active in all the programs, and that’s because of our great volunteers. The programs benefit all members in the county, and that’s what it’s all about,” said Pearle Burlingame, county organization director.

Other awards. Burlingame and county president Tom Koch also presented a friend of Farm Bureau award to Susan Dicken, executive director of Mill Creek Metro Parks.

The award was given to thank Metro Parks staff for its cooperation in implementing agricultural education programs.

The county farm group received an state Farm Bureau award from state trustee Jeff Zellers for having the most new members signed by volunteers. Shotts was also recognized for the county’s membership gain.

“It’s especially difficult in a metropolitan county to make gain, but we’ve done it,” Burlingame said.

Youth awards. Members of the county youth council kicked off the business meeting with a presentation of their safety skit.

Stephanie Riehl and Shannon Stanwood received the Outstanding Junior Fair Farm Bureau Youth Award.

Riehl is the daughter of Chris and Jay Riehl and Shannon is the daughter of Marjie and Jay Stanwood, all of Beaver Township.

Riehl is the youth council president, and Stanwood is the immediate past president.

Stanwood, a student at Ashland University, also received a $300 Alan J. Withers Leadership Scholarship, presented in honor of the late Alan Withers.

Neil Moff, son of Steve and Jane Moff of Beaver Township, received the Mahoning County Farm Bureau Agriculture scholarship in the amount of $300. Moff is a student at Ohio State University.

Policy development. James Olds Jr. and Duane Moff introduced proposed policies on the local, state and national level for member approval.

Local policies included support of continued improvements to roadways and roadside maintenance; improving visibility at rural intersections; and advocating the placement of trash disposal bins throughout the county.

Members also voted on policies aiming to implement farm tire recycling programs and monitoring abuse of CAUV.

At the state level, policies included opposition to the requirement of titles on self-propelled farm and contractors equipment; support of livestock quality assurance programs and the private property rights protection act; and use of biofuels in state vehicles.

Members also voted to support regulations at the national level to prevent the spread of foot and mouth and mad cow diseases; support tax incentives for use of alternative fuels; and to recommend legislation to realistically define wetlands.

Other business. Members in attendance heard a report on the statewide Young Farmer trip to Washington by delegate James Moore.

Nationwide Insurance agents Pete Kovalovsky and Jim Lewis were honored as Farm Bureau partners.

State trustee Jeff Zellers encouraged members to get involved in the political process and find out where candidates stand on issues that will affect agriculture.

“The legislature writes the laws and judges protect the constitution. I urge you to look at the Supreme Court race and really find out where candidates stand on their job duties,” he said.

Upcoming year. Incoming committee chairmen include: Maggie Mullen, advisory councils/young farmers; Yerman, agricultural ecology; Duane Moff, government affairs and policy development; Weaver, information;

James Olds Jr., farm income and risk management; James and Mary Moore, membership; Kim Moff, promotion and education; Kingston, safety; and Aimee and Tim Hum and Brenda Markley, youth activities.

Elected as women’s’ trustees were Sharen O’Brock and Vivian Koch.

Delegates elected to the 2003 statewide annual meeting were Yerman, Doug Martig, Lola Ann Kurtz and Maggie Mullen. Alternates are Ken O’Brock, James Moore and Elmer Sakely.

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