Mahoning County homes featured on green energy tour


CLEVELAND – Renewable energy-powered and energy-efficient homes and buildings in Ohio and throughout the nation will be showcased during free open houses and guided and self-guided public tours Oct. 5-7.
The Ohio Solar Tour encompasses sustainable features in all corners of the state, highlighting hundreds of solar, wind, biomass, green building and energy-saving technologies.
This is the first year the Youngstown area will feature houses in the tour. Local Green Energy Ohio members’ mission is to inspire other local businesses, architects, public servants and residents to learn about and tap into the potential of these energy strategies.
The Youngstown area tour is slated for Oct. 7 and will highlight two residences.
Visitors at the first home site in Greenford will get an overview of geothermal heating systems. At the second home, visitors will see cutting-edge energy saving technologies integrated into a new home on Evans Lake in New Springfield.
All five 2007 Ohio Solar Tour Guidebooks, including the Northeast Ohio guide, can be downloaded at


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