Making changes at Newell Realty


SALEM, Ohio – The name has changed and the ownership is different, but Newell Realty and Auctions LLC is still the same business it’s always been.
Formerly Robert C. Newell Realty and Auctions, the company is now co-owned by Bonnie Newell Chiurco, broker and auctioneer, and Bill Newell, auctioneer and real estate sales agent.
History. Robert Newell did his first auction in 1943. He founded the company in the 1970s and worked out of his home near New Harrisburg until 1988 when he moved the offices to Carrollton. Robert’s children, Bill and Bonnie, took over the business last fall when Robert, passed away.
The company does estate auctions, personal property auctions and real estate auctions.
Growing up, Bill and Bonnie didn’t picture themselves as auctioneers, but their father’s influence led them in that direction.
Bill was making a living milking Jersey cows when Robert nudged him toward a gavel.
“It was a challenge from Dad,” Bill said. “I had no intention of being an auctioneer, but Dad challenged me to try.”
Success. Not only did Bill try, he succeeded. He attended Missouri Auction School, becoming a licensed auctioneer in 1988 and a real estate agent in 1989. He became a full-time auctioneer in 1995.
“It is a people business,” he said. “It is built upon trust and that’s the thing I really enjoy.”
Bonnie has been a teacher with the Brown Local school district for 30 years, but that hasn’t kept her from being a part of the family’s business.
A 1971 graduate of the Reppert School of Auctioneering, Bonnie earned her real estate license in 1977 and her auctioneer’s license in 1978. In 1990, she became a partner and broker with her father.
Another recent change at Newell Realty and Auctions LLC is the integration of computers into the business. In fact, Bill said live auctions in conjunction with Internet bidding could take place as soon as this summer.
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