New N recommendations for corn now online


COLUMBUS – Ohio’s new economic-based nitrogen recommendations for corn are now available online.
According to Ohio State crops specialist Robert Mullen, the recommendation model is for corn only; nitrogen recommendations for wheat and other crops have not been changed.
Mullen said the online recommendations are contained within a spreadsheet, and individuals must have Microsoft Excel to view the new recommendations.
What you’ll see. There are only three cells that you have access to in the Excel spreadsheet: previous crop; corn price ($/bu); and nitrogen cost ($/lb N).
All other cells are password protected except the calculation of nitrogen cost (left hand side of the spreadsheet). Depending upon the source of nitrogen you are interested in purchasing and the cost of that material ($/ton), you can calculate the price per pound.
Range of rates. Historically, nitrogen recommendations were given as a single rate, but the new strategy actually provides a range of rates, which Mullen said gives the user a little more flexibility in rate decisions.
Although the range in rates provided by the model is economic, agronomic considerations are also provided for each rate.
Below the recommended rates (for the lower bound, maximum return point, and upper bound) is the probability of achieving 95 percent of maximum yield when applying nitrogen at that particular rate.
Higher probabilities (closer to 100) translate into lower risk of being nitrogen deficient at the end of the season.
Nitrogen credits for previous crop are considered in the model, so you do not have to deduct the credit. Manure credits do have to be taken, so if you apply manure in your operation make certain to credit the nitrogen supplied by the manure.


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