New set of winners take Mercer 4-H sale ring


MERCER, Pa. – As evening set in, buyers filled the auction barn at the Mercer County 4-H Roundup.

A new set of winners came through the sale ring this year to sell their prized animals to some of the same local supporters seen throughout the years.

Buyers spent a total of $87,252.46, down slightly from last year’s total of $90,309.97.

New champions. Reva Douglas started off her family’s big wins with her 1,220-pound grand champion steer. The steer sold for $2.10 a pound to the Grove City Hoss’s Steak and Sea House.

Crist Feedyard bought Marshall McKean’s 1,190-pound reserve champion steer for $1.60 a pound.

Seventeen steers averaged $1.14 a pound with champions and $1.34 a pound without.

For the second consecutive year, Ryan Hancox won grand champion for his carcass steer. This year, he sold it for $1.45 a pound to Kent McQuaid and McQuiston Insurance.

The two champion carcass steers averaged $1.42 a pound.

Beef showmanship champions include: Marshall McKean, Jordan Powell, Cody McKean, Reva Douglas and Shawn Ligo.

Hogs. Marissa Conley sold her 250-pound grand champion hog to Greenville Dry Cleaning and Conley Meat Processing for $3.20 a pound.

Charles Sump purchased Kimberly Preston’s 251-pound reserve champion hog for $3.60 a pound.

The average for the 85 hogs was $1.85 a pound with champions and $1.81 a pound, without.

Reva Douglas sold her second grand champion of the evening when she brought her carcass hog into the ring. The hog sold to the Hadley Road Giant Eagle for $3.50 a pound.

Reynolds Sparkle Market bought the reserve carcass hog raised by Dustin Douglas for $3.20 a pound.

Six carcass hogs sold, averaging $2.22 a pound with champions and $1.65 a pound without.

Hog showmanship winners included: Kaitlyn Powell, Bradley Ferguson, Dalton Gruber, Kali Blackburn, Jordan Powell, Rebecca Davis, Kimberly Preston, Tony Lazzar, Dana Moose, and Danny Williams.

Goats. Kacy Lyn Scott won grand champion with her market goat for the third year in a row.

This year, McCullough Fencing and Super Structure Buildings purchased the wining goat for $2.50 a pound.

The reserve market goat, raised by Morgan Skidmore, sold to Matt Frontino for $3 a pound.

Five goats averaged $2.55 a pound with champions and $2.42, without.

The champion senior goat showmanship winner was Benjamin Moose and the junior winner was Kacy Lyn Scott.

Rabbits. Ashley Saunders sold her grand champion rabbit to Jackson Tractor Supply Company for $25 a pound.

Rodger’s Grove City Agway purchased Jedediah Seltzer’s reserve champion rabbits for $13 a pound.

For the third year in a row, Pizza Joe’s of Mercer purchased the grand champion pen of rabbits.

They bought Adam Watson’s grand pen for $26 a pound and they also bought Erin Eperthener’s reserve champion pen of rabbits for $23 a pound.

The four fryer rabbits sold averaged $12.19 a pound with champions and $10.75 a pound without.

The two champion pens of rabbits averaged $24.50 a pound.

The senior rabbit showmanship winner was Eliza Rust, intermediate, Ashley Saunders and junior, Adam Watson.

Market lambs. Marsh Busing Inc. and Marsh Farms bought the 107-pound grand champion lamb sold by Cody McKean for $9.20 a pound.

Kara Elissa Kingsley sold her 118-pound reserve champion lamb to McCullough Fencing for $3 a pound.

Pizza Joe’s purchased another grand champion, this time Maggie Ringer’s carcass lamb for $7 a pound.

Fifty lambs sold for an average of $2.55 a pound with champions and $2.41 a pound, without.

Champions in various divisions for sheep/lamb showmanship awards are as follows: Cody Downs, Emma Hunter, Kacy Lyn Scott, Kara Kingsley, Jon Stewart, Kelsey Brownlee, Richelle McCullough and Jeremy Barbour.


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