New software organizes breeding season in beef cattle herds


AMES, Iowa – Synchronizing the breeding season in beef cattle herds allows producers the opportunity to use artificial insemination (AI) with reduced labor.
Planning. “Using the best, highly proven sires available in the beef industry can be an economic and labor reality with a little bit of planning and execution,” said Daryl Strohbehn, Extension beef specialist at the Iowa Beef Center at Iowa State University.
During the fall of 2006, the Iowa Beef Center announced a new and improved software program to assist producers in making choices in estrus synchronization of their beef herds.
The Synch06 edition of the Estrus Synchronization Planner is now available to producers and has several new features.
Synch06 assists producers with the basics of planning and implementing complicated synchronization programs. However, the new edition has several new, exciting features, including the latest recommendations of the Bovine Reproduction Task Force, plus updated fact sheets on synchronized breeding plans.
New system. A new, preferred synchronization system for heifers using fixed-time AI was approved last fall during a meeting of the task force. It is the 14-day CIDR application pioneered at the University of Missouri called CIDR Select.
Features included in this version of the Estrus Synch Planner are:


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