Northeast Ohio Holsteins take honors


CANFIELD, Ohio – The Northeast Ohio District Holstein Show was July 24 in Canfield, Ohio.
Under perfect weather, judge Dave Dyment of Ontario, Canada, surveyed 136 head of top dairy cattle.
Quality Quest Holsteins of Salem, Ohio, received the grand champion honors. Its senior 3-year-old, Quality Quest Firepower-ET, was named intermediate champion, as well as grand champion.
The Phillis family of Beloit, Ohio, exhibited the reserve intermediate champion and reserve grand champion female, senior 2-year-old, Phillisway Durham Missy.
The Phillis family also owned the senior champion. Phillisway Ida Winstar, a 4-year-old, took the nod over the first-place aged cow, Klingendale Rudolph Acura, owned by Katey Lora. This animal placed reserve senior champion.
The junior champion female was Bluebird Leduc Marilyn-ET, first-place fall yearling, from Springhill/Starmark of Wooster, Ohio.
The reserve champion honors went to Bohoniks Pammie Lee, the first-place fall calf, shown by the Pammie Syndicate. Honorable mention junior champion went to Phillisway Ice Stormatic, a summer yearling.
The premier breeder and exhibitor honors went to Lou-Ida Farm of Mineral Ridge.
District 2 junior show. District 2 junior show awards went to:
Junior champion, Evan Dye; reserve junior champion, Katey Lora; intermediate champion, Grant Cope; reserve intermediate champion, Heather Moff; senior champion, Katey Lora; reserve senior champion, Grant Cope.
Grand champion, Klingendale Rudolph Acura, Katey Lora; reserve grand champion, Breezy-Knoll LJ Unanimous, Grant Cope.
District 1 junior show. District 1 junior show awards went to:
Junior champion, Lucas Riley; reserve junior champion, John Klingensmith; intermediate champion, John Klingensmith; reserve intermediate champion, John Klingensmith; senior champion, John Klingensmith; reserve senior champion, Mark Riley.
Grand champion, Klingendale Progress Pizza, John Klingensmith; reserve grand champion, Ri-Valley Slick Daphna, Mark Riley.
Show placings. Show placings are as follows:
Spring calf: 1. Springhill/Starmark Atticus Paisley, Springhill/Starmark; 2. Lou-Ida Farm; winter calf: 1. Whin-Way Durham Vicki, Evan Dye; 2. Springhill/Starmark; fall calf: 1. Bohoniks Pammie Lee, Pammie Syndicate; 2. Doug and Marty Dye.
Summer yearling: 1. Phillisway Ice Stormatic, Phillisway; 2. Maplewood Farm; spring yearling: 1. Lou-Ida Bond Wimmie, Lou-Ida; 2. Tony Struna; winter yearling: 1. Whiteleather Outside 367, Whiteleather Farms; 2. Springhill/Starmark; fall yearling: Bluebird Leduc Marilyn-ET, Springhill/Starmark; 2. Cole/Karns Farm.
Two years and up. Junior 2-year-old: 1. Riceton C Light Whip, Riceton; 2. Lou-Ida; senior 2-year-old: 1. Phillisway Duhram Missy, Phillisway; 2. Haskins Farm; junior 3-year-old: 1. Breezy-Knoll LJ Unamious, Grant Cope; 2. Whiteleather Holsteins; senior 3-year-old: 1. Quality Quest Firepower-ET, Doug and Marty Dye; 2. Heather Moff.
Intermediate champion: Quality Quest Firepower-ET, Doug and Marty Dye family; reserve intermediate champion: Phillisway Duhram Missy, Phillisway Farm.
4-year-old: 1. Phillisway Ida Winstar, Phillisway Farm; 2. Klingendale; 5-year-old: 1. Quality Quest Sting-Ray-ET, Doug and Marty Dye; 2. Haskins Farm; aged cow: 1. Klingendale Rudolph Acura, Katey Lora; 2. Lou-Ida Farm; 125,000-pound cow: 1. Lou-Ida Maury Wendy, Lou-Ida Farm; 2. Russell Kiko; dry 3- and 4-year-old: 1. Ouric Durham Destiny, Neal Moff; 2. Nevin and Brenda L’Amoreaux; dry aged cow: 1. Highland H Juror Eggo, Riceton Farm; 2. Butch Karaseviech.
Other classes. Best three females: 1. Phillisway Farm; 2. Doug and Marty Dye; dam and daughter: 1. Lou-Ida Farm; 2. Ouric Holsteins; produce of dam, 1. Doug and Marty Dye; 2. Klingendale Farm; get of sire: 1. Ouric Holsteins; 2. Doug and Marty Dye; best udder cow: Klingendale Rudolph Acura, Katey Lora.


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