Ohio’s soybean yield is second highest on record


REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio – Ohio’s average soybean yield for 2005 is estimated at 45 bushels per acre. This is the second highest state yield on record and only two bushels below the state record yield of 47 bushels per acre recorded in 2004.
The USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service also reports growers harvested 4.48 million acres of soybeans in 2005 from the estimated 4.5 million acres planted. Total soybean production is estimated at 201.6 million bushels, down 3 percent from the 207.7 million bushels produced in 2004.
Average corn yield. Ohio’s 2005 average corn yield is estimated at 143 bushels per acre. This is 15 bushels below the record-breaking yield of 2004.
Producers harvested 3.25 million acres for grain this past year, compared to 3.11 million acres in 2004.
Total state production of 464.8 million bushels is 5 percent below the previous year’s production.
Acreage harvested for silage is estimated at 160,000 acres, down 30,000 acres from the previous year. The average silage yield is estimated at 17 tons per acre.
Average alfalfa yields. Alfalfa yields averaged 3.6 tons of dry hay per acre in 2005, while all other hay averaged 2.6 tons per acre. Production of all hay increased 12 percent from 2004 to 3.63 million tons.
Burley tobacco production for 2005 is estimated at 6.73 million pounds, a decrease of 39 percent from 2004, with an average yield of 1,980 pounds per acre. The decrease in state production is due to an estimated 2,200-acre decrease in harvested acreage from the previous year. This was mainly due to the elimination of the federal tobacco program.
Potato production. Ohio’s potato production in 2005 is estimated at 864,000 hundredweight, a decrease of 20 percent from 2004. Harvested potato acreage is estimated at 3,600, unchanged from 2004.
The average yield at 240 hundredweight per acre is down 60 hundredweight from 2004.
Ohio’s winter wheat acreage for 2006 is estimated at 990,000, this is up 130,000 acres from the previous crop year.


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