Pork program offered at Ohio State


COLUMBUS – To help further the understanding of the changing pork industry, Ohio State University and pork industry collaborators are sponsoring Pork 509: Meeting the Need for High Quality, Consistent Pork Products in Ohio, Dec. 4-5 in the Animal Sciences Building on Ohio State University’s Columbus campus.

The two-day program targets pork producers and people with an influence on the production of high quality pork.

It is an opportunity for people to understand quality factors beyond lean meat. Pork 509 will address production at the farm, packing-plant and retail levels.

The objectives of the program are:

* To improve the competitive position of Ohio pork producers through the marketing of high quality, consistent, wholesome pork products.

* To explain carcass merit buying systems and factors influencing the price received for market hogs.

* To provide an overview of pork muscle quality attributes affecting processing capability and consumer acceptability of pork, and discuss the management, environmental, nutritional and genetic factors that contribute to muscle quality deficiencies.

* To provide an open forum where representatives of varied pork industry segments can discuss current and future issues that contribute to the quality, consistency and wholesomeness of pork.

* To teach, through hands-on training, the differences in price and value at the farm, packing plant and retail levels.

Topics to be covered Dec. 4 are live animal evaluation, ultrasound evaluation and demonstration, grid pricing, pork slaughter procedures, meat inspection, pork carcass fabrication, taste panel evaluation, and quality and the consumer.

Areas scheduled for Dec. 5 are factors influencing muscle quality, measuring pork muscle quality, determining lean growth, microbiology and food safety, targeting the consumer, and processing strategies.

A maximum of 30 people can sign up for the course. Spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration is $60 per participant and covers all meals, materials and parking arrangements. Registration is requested by Nov. 22.

For registration or additional information about Pork 509, contact Pat Rigby, or Henry Zerby through Ohio State University’s Ohio Pork Industry Center at 800-398-7675.


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