Reader: Government spending needs to be curbed


I was disheartened to read of the public outcry in Carroll County over the closing of the FSA office. Given our country’s massive federal debt I can only applaud when cuts are made.

The outcry in Carroll County is unjustifiable and unconscionable.

Government offices do not exist to generate revenue in local communities. The are funded with money taken from someone else’s pocket, who surely would have preferred to spend the dollars in their own community.

Government offices do not exist for personal convenience. Would you further indebt your grandchildren to China so you don’t have to drive all the way to New Philadelphia?

Government offices do exist to conduct necessary government business. Now is the time to get back to the necessary part. When you consider the break down in USDA spending and the massive amount of food it pays for under current entitlement programs, it is impossible to make a case that the US government actually cares if farmers succeed financially.

It is time to act in our country’s financial interest, welcome many deep cuts in government spending, and as a country stop asking other men to live for us. If not we need only look to Greece and the EU to see our future.

Amie Sprinkle

Valley City, Ohio


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  1. The large USDA state offices could be eliminated also. The entire paperwork process could be similar to the department of education fafsa form if any information really needs to be provided.


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