Roundup of FFA news for June 1, 2023

Northwestern FFA
The Northwestern FFA held its Drive Your Tractor to School Day and a petting zoo for the first grade students May 12. (Submitted photo)

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio — The Northwestern FFA held its Drive Your Tractor to School Day and a petting zoo for the first grade students, May 12. Students were able to drive a tractor to school to promote agriculture.

At the end of the school day, the students who drove their tractor to school were able to participate in a tractor parade for the first graders. After the parade the children were able to move through different stations to pet animals.

Throughout the year, the children learned about plant cycles, plant growth, animal habitats and animal health. The children were able to pet and ask questions about animals. The chapter loved working and educating the younger generations about agriculture.

Northwestern FFA attended Smithville FFA’s County Game Night May 15. The evening consisted of many different activities, and the students were able to mingle with friends from other chapters and make new friends. Smithville FFA also provided hotdogs and burgers for the game night. The members who attended were Makenna Connelly, Emma Connelly, Evan Cuthrell, Kade Tegtmeier, Kaleb Badger, Kaylee Cherry and Kirsten Boreman.

On May 23, Northwestern FFA helped with the Reading Under The Lights event. This event was open to everyone in the school district.

Students were able to read a book under the lights on the football field. The FFA chapter was asked to bring animals for a small petting zoo. The animals that were brought were horses, goats, calf, sheep and bunnies.

The students were able to see the animals as they entered and exited the stadium. The students were able to pick out a book and follow along to the reading of “Dragon’s Love Tacos.”

On May 20, Northwestern FFA hosted Hammer Time Livestock Clinic. The clinic was held at the Wayne County Fairgrounds. There were over 100 people who attended to learn about a variety of animals and how to work with them.

The presenters shared their personal experiences and how to manage their animals. The presenters and their species were Sarah Zimmerly, presenting rabbits; Hannah Becker, presenting poultry; Paige Maibach, presenting market and Pygmy goats; Megan Palker, presenting dairy goats; Seth Wasilewski, presenting sheep; Mackenzie Dore, presenting hogs; Katherine Lefever, presenting horses; Sherry Smith, presenting dairy; and Lou Ellen Harr, presenting beef. Quality assurance was presented to the group who attended the clinic, and members were certified after the course.

• • •

WEST SALEM, Ohio — Northwestern Wayne FFA attended the 95th Ohio FFA convention. On day two of the convention, Jacoby Gilbert, Haley Caldwell and Kaleb Badger all qualified for the State Proficiency Award. The Career Show and Expo was also a great time for students to walk around and look at the variety of shopping venders.

The first session recognized teachers and administration, Chapter Trust Awards, FFA Charitable Giving recognition, FFA Foundation Scholarships, RISE FFA Program, and recognition of new FFA chapters.

The second session began with the recognition of chapter awards for Ohio FFA Gold Medal Chapters, top 10 growing leaders chapters, top 10 building communities chapters, top 10 strengthening agriculture chapters, and top 10 chapters. Proficiency awards were awarded to Jacoby Gilbert and Haley Caldwell. Jacoby Gilbert placed second in the state for dairy production. Haley Cladwell placed fourth in the state for beef production.

The third session started off with the Honorary State FFA Degree recognition, Natural Winners recognition, State American FFA Degree recognition, Star State FFA Degree registration and Proficiency Award recognition. Kaleb Badger was recognized for placing third in the state for swine production.

The fourth session of the Ohio Convention awarded the officers for their gold rated books. Mallory Gilbert was awarded the gold rated Secretary’s pin, Kade Tegtmeier was awarded the gold rated Treasurer’s pin, and Taylor Wurst was awarded the gold rated Reporter’s pin. Kaleb Badger, Kirsten Boreman, Haley Caldwell, Jacoby Gilbert, Kade Tegtmeier and Lauran Vaughan all received their State FFA degrees.

The students who attended the convention were Hanna Wilson, Kirsten Boreman, Addy Connelly, Emma Connelly, Makenna Connelly, Chet McNeil, Kade Tegtmeier, Jacoby Gilbert, Kaleb Badger, Jack Morris, Mallory Gilbert, Chloe Ctarcher, Cheyenne Friend, Neveah Kirk, Kate Johnson, Brooke Hershey, Victoria Aicone, Evan Cuthrell, Alivia Welch, Mel Imhoff, Mary Wellert and Lauran Vaughan.

Northwestern Wayne FFA hosted its annual banquet, April 29.

Hanna Wilson opened the meeting and Kirsten Boreman started off by recognizing some of our community members, school staff, alumni and others. The seniors were then recognized; the chapter consists of 12 seniors. The seniors recognized were Brooklyn Buzzard, Harper Flores, Audrey Franks, Kristan George, Melanie Imhoff, Keegan Johns, Grace Noble, Ava O’Loughlin, Ava Stoller, Lauren Vaughan, Mary Wellert and Hanna Wilson.

The chapter also consists of 16 juniors, 25 sophomores and 28 freshmen, who were recognized.

Students who participated in CDEs this year were recognized. The students who participated where Victoria Aicone, Kaleb Badger, Kirsten Boreman, Lillian Boreman, Haley Caldwell, Addie Cassidy, Kaylee Cherry, Addy Connelly, Emma Connelly, Makenna Connelly, Evan Cuthrell, Kayla Cutter, Cheyanne Friend, Logan Garman, Jacoby Gilbert, Jamison Gilbert, Mallory Gilbert, Jake Howman, Melanie Imhoff, Andi Jackson, Kate Johnson, Nevaeh Kirk, Taylor Leidigh, Evan Mckay, Chet McNeil, Jack Morris, Grace Noble, Rylie Ramsier, Gabriella Riedel, Chloe Starcher, Ava Stoller, Taryn Stoller, Kade Tegtmeier, Alivia Welch, Allie Wellert, Mary Wellert, Preston Wilcox, Hanna Wilson and Taylor Wurst.

The top salesmen for the fruit fundraiser were Emma Connely, Addy Connelly and Makenna Connelly. The top sausage salesman was Kirsten Boreman. The top selling strawberry salesperson was Kirsten Boreman.

The next set of awards were the proficiency awards. These awards are centered around each member’s Supervised Agricultural Experience project and their participation within the chapter. The Star Beef Production winner is Haley Caldwell.

The community service award was handed out next. The winner of this award was Hanna Wilson.

Our star Dairy Placement Award was handed out to Ella Saal.

The winner of the Star Dairy Production award was Jacoby Gilbert. The winner of the Star Job Placement was Mallory Gilbert. The Star Sheep Production award was awarded next. The winner is Kade Tegtmeier.

The next award was the Star Swine Production Entrepreneurship award, and the winner was Kaleb Badger.

Star Equine Entrepreneurship was the next award of the night. Taylor Wurst was the winner of this award.

Star Goat Entrepreneurship was the next award. Addy Connelly was the winner of this award.

The Next Award was the Ag Sales Proficiency award. Hanna Wilson was the winner of this award.

Each year members from each class are chosen as the Star Degree recipient. Star Freshman Award went to Addy Connelly, Emma Connelly, Makenna Connelly and Kate Johnson.

This year the Star Sophomore Award recipients were Mallory Gilbert and Taylor Wurst.

The Star Junior Award recipient was Kirsten Boreman.

The scholarship award is awarded to members each year who have received all A’s for the first three quarters of the year. Members who received the scholarship award were: Victoria Aicone, Kaleb Badger, Kirsten Boreman, Claire Buchholz, Kara Burgan, Brooklyn Buzzard, Corbin Chaney, Kaylee Cherry, Addy Connelly, Emma Connelly, Makenna Connelly, Kayla Cutter, Morgan Ervin, Harper Flores, Madison Frazier, Audrey Franks, Cheyenne Friend, Logan Garman, Kristan George, Mallory Gilbert, Caeden Graham, Ellie Hanshaw, Kace Hixson, Melanie Imhoff, Keegan Johns, Kate Johnson, Nevaeh Kirk, Brianna Lance, Taylor Leidigh, Colton Mark, Evan McKay, Chet McNeil, Grace Noble, Ava O’Loughlin, Ella Saal, Caydence Scale, Olivia Scarbrough, Logan Shriver, Audrina Smith, Ravenna Stiegelmeyer, Ava Stoller, Taryn Stoller, Kade Tegtmeier, Alysa Troyan, Lauren Vaughan, Kelsey Walkuski, Alivia Welch, Mary Wellert, Carissa Whisman, Audrey Wilcox, Hanna Wilson and Taylor Wurst.

The Distinguished Service Awards are awarded to people who have gone above and beyond in helping the chapter. Kelly Riley, Bill Yoho, Wendi Mole, Rick Heffelfinger and Scott St.Clair all have been recognized for their above-and-beyond contributions to our chapter.

Kennedy Short prepared a speech for the banquet. Kennedy Short is serving as the state sentinel this year where she traveled across the state of Ohio meeting members and making memories. Kennedy is also a Freshman at Wilmington College majoring in agriculture education.

Hanna Wilson also gave her retiring address.

The leadership award is presented to a select few students for demonstrating leadership and setting a good example for the younger students. Hanna Wilson and Ava Stoller were awarded the leadership award.

The 2022-2023 officer team was announced at the banquet. Kade Tegtmeier will serve as president, Kirsten Boreman will serve as vice president, Makenna Connelly will serve as secretary, and Emma Connelly and Taylor Wurst will share the responsibilities of reporter. Addy Connelly will serve as treasurer, Mallory Gilbert will serve as sentinel, Kaleb Badger will serve as the student adviser, and the assistant members are Brooke Hershey, Jacoby Gilbert, Kate Johnson, Jack Morris and Chet McNeil.


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