Southwest Pa. Holstein showSmith-Oak takes top honors at show


DUNBAR, Pa. – Judge Bret Benton picked an aged cow to take top open-class honors at the Southwest Pennsylvania Holstein Championship Show July 31 and a senior 2-year-old champion in the junior show.

The grand champion open-class animal, Smith-Oak Emily, was shown by William Smith of Smith-Oak Farm. The animal was also best bred and owned.

Taking the reserve champion title was Ronald Ruffaner’s Alta-View Emory Ella, an 8-year-old in the 125,000-pounds-of-milk class.

In the junior show, Allen Lehman’s senior 2-year-old, Hillmont Emerson Trista-ET was named grand champion, and 4-year-old class-winner Locker Lane Leduc Boots-ET was picked as reserve champion. She is owned by Luther Hillegass.

Judge Benton named Justine Stoltfus’ Pennwood Leader Rocklyn best bred and owned of the junior show.

Junior champions. The junior champion of both shows was Katie Bednarski’s E-Ricks Xtron Awesome, a fall yearling heifer.

Co-Hill Farms’ winter calf, MS Cameos-G Carmen Electra, was named reserve junior champion in the open show. In the youth show, Christy Hindman’s spring heifer calf, Highland-H Gibson Carly won the reserve junior champion title.

Premier breeder honors went to Alta-View Farms, and premier exhibitor went to both Alta-View Farms and Smith Oak Farms.

Class winners. Class winners include the following:

Spring calf: 1. (open and junior) Christy Hindman; 2. (open) Co-Hill Farms; 2. (junior) Devon McQuaide.

Winter calf: 1. (open) Co-Hill Farms; 1. (junior and 2. open) Brittany Hindman; 2. (junior) Tylor Smith.

Fall calf: 1. (open) Chad McConnell and Matt Lawrence; 1. (junior) Jenna Fox; 2. (open) Jason Ruffaner; 2. (junior) Austin Ream.

Summer yearling: 1. (open) Rick and Ron Allen and Terry Kuehn; 1. (junior) Kara Savage; 2. (open) Cessna Brothers; 2. (junior) Jenna Fox.

Spring yearling: 1. (open) R. Ruffaner and D&B Bingham; 1. (junior) Kara Savage; 2. (open) Rick and Ron Allen; 2. (junior) Megan McQuaide.

Winter yearling: 1. (open) Alan and Alisa Fasnacht; 1. (junior and 2. open) Drew Romesberg; 2. (junior) Joshua Brewer.

Fall yearling: 1. (open and junior) Katie Bednarski; 2. (open and junior) Christy Hindman.

Junior best three females: 1. MS Cameo; 2. Highland-H Farm.

Dry cow, 4 and under: 1. (open and junior) K. Alec Hillegass; 2. (open) Jennifer Vance.

Dry cow, 5 and over: 1. (open) George Stahl.

Fall yearling in milk: 1. (open) Terry Kuehn, Rick and Ron Allen and Tom Mercuro; 2. (open) Harvey Stoltzfus.

Junior 2-year-old: 1. (open) Kirsten Miller; 2. (open) Cessna Brothers.

Senior 2-year-old: 1. (open and junior) Allen Lehman; 2. (open) Paul and Matt Lawrence; 2. (junior) Justine Stoltfus.

Junior 3-year-old: 1. (open) Beckie Williams; 2. (open) Rachelle Smith.

Senior 3-year-old: 1. (open) Jennifer Vance; 2. (open) Jason Ruffaner.

Four-year-old: 1. (open) Paul and Harry Smith; 1. (junior) Luther Hillegass; 2. (open) Ronald Ruffaner; 2. (junior) Tylor Smith.

Five-year-old: 1. (open) Paul and Harry Smith; 1. (junior) Katie Bednarski; 2. (open) Beckie Williams; 2 (junior) Jocelyn Ann Rittenhouse; 125,000-pound class: 1. (open) Ronald Ruffaner; 2. (open) William, Paul and Harry Smith.

Six years old and over: 1. (open) William Smith; 2. (open) Juliana Hillegass.

Best three females: 1. Smith-Oak Farm; 2. Alta-View Farms.

Produce of dam: 1. Lawrence-Haven Holsteins; 2. Jennifer Vance.

Dam and daughter: 1. Smith-Oak Farm; 2. Jennifer Vance.


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