Stark County junior fair auction tops $510,000


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Aug. 27 and Aug. 30, 2008
Sale Total: $510,844.75


Number of Market Lots: 93
Average: $1.66/pound with champions

Grand champion: Sara Klehm, champion crossbred
Bid: $5/pound Weight: 1,320 pounds
Buyer: Biery Cheese, Kiko Meats, Enviroscapes, Eslich Wrecking Co.
Reserve champion: Brandon Klehm, champion Shorthorn
Bid: $5/pound Weight: 1,270 pounds
Buyer: Paris & Washington Insurance Co.
Grand champion carcass: Rachel Linder
Bid: $5/pound Weight: 1,255 pounds
Buyer: Kiko Meats, Paris & Washington Insurance
Reserve champion carcass: Amber Shoemaker
Bid: $5/pound Weight: 1,404 pounds
Buyer: Highland Construction
Champion Simmental: Justin Kinser
Champion Angus: Katie Collinsworth
Champion Hereford: Lindsey Pugh
Champion Limousin: Kathryn Wood
Junior showmanship: John Regula
Intermediate showmanship: Brandon Klehm
Intermediate (12-14): Sara Klehm
Senior showmanship: Chase Sanders
Showman of Showmen: Chase Sanders
Senior Skillathon (three-way tie): Chase Sanders, Amber Shoemaker, Stan Soehnlen
Intermediate skillathon: Mikey Estock
Junior skillathon: Blaine Neikirk
Rate of Gain: Josh Reiter, 3.3270 lb./day


Number of Market Lots: 223
Average: $2.11/pound with champions

Grand champion: Brandon Klehm
Bid: $4.25/pound Weight: 256 pounds
Buyer: Kiko Meats
Reserve champion: L.V. Kline
Bid: $4/pound Weight: 274 pounds
Buyer: Rohn Ranch Trailer Sales
Grand champion carcass: Aaron Stanik
Bid: $6/pound Weight: 230 pounds
Buyer: Ramsey Hoof Trimming, Wallace Farms Feed Drive Thru, Theresa and Tim Blocher
Reserve champion carcass: Kaitlin Chaddock
Bid: $3.50/pound Weight: 253 pounds
Buyer: State Rep. John Hagan, Judge Dave Stucki, State Sen. Kirk Schuring, Dordea for Sheriff


Number of Market Lots: 61
Average: $2.57/pound with champions

Grand champion: L.V. Kline
Bid: $3/pound Weight: 130 pounds
Buyer: Swanson for Sheriff Committee, Judge Dave Stucki,
Reserve champion: Amber Shoemaker
Bid: $3/pound Weight: 135 pounds
Buyer: Kiko Meats
Grand champion carcass: Patty Estock
Bid: $6/pound Weight: 115 pounds
Buyer: MAC Trailer
Reserve champion carcass: Jennifer Ritchie
Bid: $4/pound Weight: 105 pounds
Buyer: Carnation Rentals
Junior showmanship: Alec McDaniel
Intermediate showmanship: Amber Shoemaker
Senior showmanship: Ashley Madzia
Showman of Showmen: L.V. Kline
Senior skillathon: Diana Bevington
Junior skillathon: Jessica Moncman
Rate of Gain: Angelo Sylvester


Number of Market Lots: 10
Average: $111.50/lot with champions

Grand champion: Marci Estock
Bid: $175
Buyer: Mike and Theresa Estock
Reserve champion: Joe Rindchen
Bid: $200
Buyer: The Artist’s Gallery


Number of Market Lots: 34
Average: $2.28/pound with champions

Grand champion: Erica Schrock
Bid: $2.50/pound Weight: 86 pounds
Buyer: Jean Madden for Common Pleas Court Judge, Judge Dave Stucki, John Hagan for Commissioner
Reserve champion: Diana Bevington
Bid: $2.25/pound Weight: 71 pounds
Buyer: Janice Kiko
Grand champion dairy meat goat: Kara Humphrey
Bid: $3/pound Weight: 101 pounds
Buyer: Rohr’s Feed Story, Bud Rohr Farms, Miller Cattle Co.
Reserve champion dairy meat goat: Emily Conrad
Bid: $5/pound Weight: 72 pounds
Buyer: Wallace Farms Feed Drive Thru


Number of Lots: 135
Average: $1.83/pound with champions

Grand champion: Justin Kinser
Bid: $1.60/pound Weight: 635 pounds
Buyer: Consumers National Bank
Reserve champion: Justin Kinser
Bid: $1.25/pound Weight: 655 pounds
Buyer: Martin D. Yoder Livestock


Number of Lots: 7
Average: $558.33/basket with champions

Grand champion: Lindsey Campbell
Bid: $900/basket
Buyer: Ramsey Hoof Trimming, Wallace Farms Feed Drive Thru
Reserve champion: Ed Weisgarber
Bid: $600/basket
Buyer: Paris and Washington Insurance


Number of Pens of Three: 13
Average: $205.77/pen with champions

Grand champion: Daniel Saunier
Bid: $1,050/pen Weight: 13.9 pounds
Buyer: Dye’s Construction, Terry’s Truck & Trailer, Eric’s Lawn Care, Fitzpatrick Realty
Reserve champion: Staci Faverty
Bid: $400/pen Weight: 13.68 pounds
Buyer: Faverty’s Haflingers
Junior showmanship: Jessica Weingart
Intermediate showmanship: Kasey Bowers
Senior showmanship: Sam Givens
Showman of Showmen: Sam Givens
Junior skillathon: Makayla Poling
Intermediate skillathon: Claire Best
Senior skillathon: Sam Givens


Number of Pens of Three: 91
Average: $171.43/pen with champions

Grand champion: Matthew Piechuta
Bid: $700/pen Weight: 16.13 pounds
Buyer: Hartville Kitchen
Reserve champion: Laura Bevington
Bid: $600/pen Weight: 16.88 pounds
Buyer: Park Farms
Junior showmanship: Lindsey Campbell
Intermediate showmanship: Gregory Margida
Senior showmanship: Diana Bevington
Showman of Showmen: Diana Bevington
Senior skillathon: Erin Ward
Intermediate skillathon: Anthony Duerr
Junior skillathon: Lindsey Campbell


Number of Lots: 23
Average: $202.17/head with champions

Grand champion: Kenny Schmuki
Bid: $700/head Weight: 42.75 pounds
Buyer: Regula Transport
Reserve champion: Clay Poynter
Bid: $500/head Weight: 38.15 pounds
Buyer: Stark Co. Probate Judge Dixie Parks; Larry Dordea, candidate for Stark Co. Sheriff; John Hagan, candidate for Stark Co. commissioner; and state Sen. Kirk Schuring
Junior skillathon: Jacob Campbell
Intermediate skillathon: Rebecca Faverty
Senior skillathon: Andy Baltzly

Auctioneers and Ringmen:
George Kiko, Matt Kiko, Theresa Blocher, Jim Kiko, Nate Ray, Eric Bevington, Ryan Bevington, John Slagle, Lennie Milano, Doug Milano, John Kiko, Jeff Kiko, Joe Kiko, Anna VanDyke

Outstanding Youth:
Daniel Saunier Emily Regula

Grand and Reserve Champion large livestock projects

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Sights from the 2008 Stark County Fair

Sights from the 2008 Stark County Fair truck and tractor pull Aug. 30.


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