Study links fast food to poor academic test scores in children

fast food

A study on that began in 2004 has revealed some surprising statistics.

According to The Washington Post, a study at Ohio State University found that the more a child ate fast food, the larger the deficit in test scores. By observing how much fast food was consumed by a sample group of 11,700 10-year-old children and comparing that consumption level to test scores of the children at age 13, researchers noticed that the children received lower test scores in reading, math and science. Over half of the students ate fast food one to three times per week, and more than three-quarters of the students had fast food at least once a week.

The researchers considered the students’ socioeconomic status, fitness, eating habits and the types of neighborhoods and schools that the students lived in and attended. Although the study shows a correlation between fast food consumption and poor academic scores, the study does not provide a casual connection between the two.

Via: The Washington Post > Fast food consumption is out of control — and it could be blunting children’s brains


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