Suggested ‘sharpskate’ tactics


McKenna has provided a list of suggested “sharpskate” tacitcs to help get more from a paycheck when money is tight.

* Find out about programs in your state, town or county for grants to cover heating bills or for low-cost weatherization loans for energy improvements such as storm windows, window replacement, energy loss analysis and water heater replacement.

* Use budget billing for gas and electricity bills to distribute costs evenly and to make monthly budgeting easier.

* If you know you need to buy something, wait until the month the item usually goes on sale. Clerks often will tell you when merchandise will be on sale. If you know a competitor’s price is lower, ask if the store can beat it or match it.

* Major chains may consolidate most of their discount items and sell them at one store. Ask where most of their sale items are sold.


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