Thanks for the memories



I received a pleasant e-mail from my nephew’s son, Ben, informing me of an article on your Web site (Let’s Talk Barns column, “Exploring barns in Hocking County,” June 6, 2002).

Harold in my eldest brother. I was born and reared on the farm. Although I went to college in 1948 and ended up in Illinois for the remainder of my life until the present, the farm is still “home.” The family gathers there every year for the Crawford Family Reunion.

I was one of the brothers who rode the horse to pull up the hay into the mow. During World War II, the brother next to me, Clifford, and I remained on the farm to help Dad with the dairy. Harold and Kenneth went off to serve in the Army and Air Force.

What memories that article renewed. Thanks so much for helping me recall those days. I am proud of my heritage. As a minister for more than 50 years, the farm has been the basis for many illustrations related in pulpits in Chicago and surrounding areas.

Roy E. Crawford

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