Trumbull County’s Sharecs donate ag easement


REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio – George and Ruth Sharec of Newton Falls in Trumbull County have donated an agricultural easement to the Ohio Department of Agriculture, preserving their farm forever.

The 169-acre farm is used to raise beef cattle and grow corn, wheat and hay.

Not a first. This is the second agricultural easement the Sharec family has donated. Last September, Ruth Sharec donated an easement on a separate 80-acre parcel to the state from a farm she owns in Newton Falls.

The Sharec family has a long history of caring for and preserving their two farms.

In 1978, George Sharec was one of the first farmers in Trumbull County to use no-till farming. The farm has also hosted tours to showcase their no-till and other best management practices.

In 1984, Sharec also received the Ohio Conservation Farmer Award.

“Conserving our natural resources and preserving our farmlands for agricultural purposes for future generations has always been very important to us,” Ruth Sharec said.

“We are pleased that Ohio lawmakers and the Ohio Department of Agriculture have given us a vehicle to help us accomplish our goals.

Easement program. An agricultural easement is a voluntary legal agreement restricting non-agricultural development on farmland, with the land remaining on the tax rolls and under private ownership and management.

Landowners may undertake any agricultural activity permitted under Ohio law, and they can sell their farm or pass it along as a gift to others.

The restricting prohibiting non-farm development, however, travels with the land and the new owner would never be able to develop the land for non-farm uses.

Since the inception of the easement donation program, 12 donated easements totaling more than 1,500 acres have been recorded by the department of agriculture, according to Fred Dailey, Ohio agriculture director.

Details. For more information on the easement donation program, call 614-728-6210.


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