Twin sisters break sales records at Summit Co. Fair livestock sale

TALLMADGE, Ohio – They were born together. They won together. Last Saturday, in their last year of 4-H, they sold their champion steers together – at record prices.

Twins Lisa and Amy Bourgeois took both the grand and reserve champion titles for their steers at the Summit County Fair last week and sold them at the fair’s highest prices in history.

On Saturday night, Lisa sold her 1,245-pound grand champion steer to Discount Drainage and Giant Eagle for a record $3.55 a pound.

Amy sold her 1,025-pound reserve champion steer to Carter-Jones Lumber for a record $2.70 a pound.

The 12 steers averaged $1,988 per head.

Champion again. Last year, Alisa Shenigo won reserve champion market hog. This year, she did one better, winning grand champion with her 225-pound hog.

She sold it to Leppo Equipment for $7.50 a pound.

Repeating last year’s performance, Shenigo also won grand champion with her 130-pound market lamb, which sold to the same buyer as last year, Ohio Polymer Packaging, for $6.10 a pound.

John Tomayko’s 260-pound reserve champion hog sold for $2.50 to Duma meats.

Mel Vohnout’s 130-pound reserve champion lamb sold for a new record at $5.15 to Bourgeois Excavating.

The 26 hogs averaged $422 a head and the lambs averaged $309 a head.

Chickens. In the poultry sale, the grand champion pen of three chickens also sold for a record price.

Carlena Helms’ grand champion chickens sold for a record $500 to to Jim’s Electrical Service and the Helms family.

Anne Weiss’ reserve champion pen sold for $300 to KMA Properties.

The 17 chicken pens averaged $131 a pen.

Rabbits. Bunnies were hot on the auction block on Saturday night, with the grand and reserve champion being sold at record prices.

NAPA Auto Parts bought Jenson Dash’s grand champion pen of three rabbits for a record $500.

Adam Hendrickson sold his reserve champion rabbits to Alltel for a record $260.

The five rabbit pens averaged $213 a pen.

Auctioneer Jonathan Polcen ran the sale, which totaled $41,855.


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