Very proud to be a part of the ‘culture’



This spring was so very hard on the farming community, with the cold temperatures and rain that condensed the planting season. Everyone I have talked to doesn’t remember a spring like this, and hope we don’t see one for many years to come.

When the weather gave us a couple of small windows, I was in awe of how quickly and efficiently all these farmers got the fields planted. “Big men and their big toys” earned respect this year. We farm on a small scale.

What is so wonderful about the agricultural community is that with the season we have had, when one farmer got his crops in, he immediately started helping his neighbor. I have seen this in the fall at harvest time, too. A farmer is always willing to help his fellow farmer. I feel blessed to be part of such a great group of people.

I also have to say ‘great job’ to the hard-working people at Western Reserve. I would go there to pick up seed, fertilizer or whatever was needed. These men kept everything and everyone moving so smoothly. As quickly as everyone was trying to get their fields planted, the men at Western Reserve kept us all going. There was quite a cloud of dust over that place with everyone coming and going.

Being a small scale farmer, I was still made to feel how important our order and needs were to them. The men we most worked with were Gary, Marty, Wade and Dan for spraying. Thank you, so very much.

I would hope everyone would appreciate how hard the farmer works, but when you have a season like this one, you had to notice how quickly and hard they work. Most were working from the crack of dawn and winding up the day by moonlight.

I have great admiration for all the hard-working farmers, especially this year!

Barb Ewing

Dorset, Ohio


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