Web site lists custom operator services


UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – A Web site that connects agricultural and dairy producers with custom operators in Pennsylvania has been expanded to include information on service providers in four more states.

More than just Pa. The Custom Operators Database (http://cod.aers.psu.edu) details services offered by custom operators in New York, Vermont, Ohio, and Maryland, in addition to Pennsylvania.

The database allows farmers to search for custom agricultural operators who offer the specific services they need.

Detailed search. The database allows searches by county among nine categories of animal services, including dry-transition cow housing and three sub-categories of heifer raising, each based on growth stages.

Searches can also be conducted under nine categories of crop services, including harvesting, grinding/shredding, and wrapping round bales, and seven other services, among them brush hogging, fencing, and skid loading.

A custom agricultural operator is defined as any individual or business hired to perform one or more activities necessary for the function of a farm.

For more information contact Sarah Roth at 814-863-8645 or sarahroth@psu.edu.


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