Rethink what we’re teaching children



I think is a disgrace to take away anything from the young people in Iowa of their awards (Paylean trips up two steer and lamb exhibitors at Iowa State Fair, Sept. 25, 2003, Farm and Dairy).

These young folks are only practicing the American way: to get the most, the cheapest and quickest way.

The drugs and growth chemicals are in all of our food. It is said to be “OK and safe,” so why punish them? Why not punish the people who sell this. If it’s so good for our food supply, why worry?

We all eat poisoned, processed food here now, so what is the difference?

I lived in Europe and Russia. They do not consider to feed these products to their animals or to eat the end result. If you sit on a sidewalk bench in Russia and watch the people walk past, then sit in America and watch the people “try to walk,” you will see the difference.

Why should anyone care, as long as it is paid for and deemed “safe.” Are not only profits the American way now?

What will become of these young people 20 years from now?

I use no steroids or growth drugs, and refuse to ever. We need to stop and rethink what it is we are teaching the children.

Mark Hissa

Middlefield, Ohio


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